Week of 12/27/10-

Friday 12/31/10- 20 minutes up followed by stretching drills and strides (8) kids then hit 14 x  120m in the parking lot interspersed with spidersliders, mountain climbers, coes and overhead lunges.  10 minutes easy coolie followed by team core.

Thursday 12/30/10-  kids warmed up for 20 minutes , stretched, then headed off for a 4 to 4.6 mile threshold run.  Dan Riff led all in 26:20 for around 5:40 a mile.  10 minute jog coolie.

Wednesday 12/29/10– kids ran between 50-75 minutes before hitting 2x 600m at Hendrickson Rd.  Schoepfer had the fastest split at 1:37.

Tuesday 12/28/10- 2 miles warmie followed by between 12-20x 400m on Hendrickson Rd. Leaders hit around 72 on a 2:30-3:00 cycle.  5 minjutes easy jogging followede by core.

Monday 12/27/10- Blizzard- no practice