Week of 11/29/30

SATURDAY 12/4/10- MEET AT HSS @ 8:00 A.M.

Friday 12/3/10- 2 mile warmie followed by S/D and 8x 100m before hitting 10-12 x 150m intersperesed with  overunders and plyos alternated with overhead lunges (20yds.) and coes (20).  2 laps down and 400-500 reps of core work.

Thursday 12/2/10- 3, 4.2, 6.2 or 7.2 mile run followed by 400m @ GMP and 2 laps easy.3.75-8 on the day. 

Wednesday 12/1/10- 2 miles warmie followed by S/D and 4 strides.  Kids then split into groups before hitting 4-8 x 400 on a 2:30-4:00 min cycle.  2 laps down before heading inside for core.  Caroline hit 2 miles up and 4x a mile with a bout a minute rest at threshold pace, 2 laps down.

Tuesday 11/30/10-kids warmed up 2-2.4 miles before hitting 2-2.4 miles progressive followed by 10 strides, 400m at MGP and 2 laps down followed by 400 reps of core. Caroline hit 7 .2 steady miles followed by 12 x 100m

Monday 11/29/10-Kids either ran between 4.3-6.2 followed by 400m at GMp and 2 laps easy followed by core for between 5-7 on the day. Caroline hit 9 miles steady followed by 16x 100m