Week of 10/18/10-


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Saturday 10/23/10-   8:00 am practice at Turning Basin Park!!!!! Top dogs hit 8 miles in 53 minutes followed by 5x a mile on a 6 minute cycle.  Schoepfer led all in 5:37/5:36/5:27/5:22/5:12 followed by 16x 100m .  Ladies were led by Caroline who hit 8 miles followed by 5x a mile in between 5:47-6:02 (7 min. cycle.) + 16 strides.  Most guys and gals hit 8 miles plus one mile kicker and 16x 100m.  Good day- cold but windless. 14.  Tops dogs hit 67.5 in 6 days- run tomorrow to reach mileage goals or take completely off.

Friday 10/22/10-kids either ran 3 miles up and 3 miles progressive plus a 300m kicker (or in Caroline’s case a 1600 in 5:28) followed by 3 laps down for a total of 7 miles or 8.5 steady and a 300 plus 3 laps for 9.5 on the day.  500 core after.

Thursday 10/21/10- bowl beater!!!! those not doing bowl beaters completed instead 1k repeats on 6,7,and 8 minute cycles, Glen led all with 306/308/311/313/312- awesome job, 1 miles coolie.  Top ladies hit 340/328/340/342/343. Top 10 or so dudes and top 3 ladies hit a bowl beater.  Guys put 6  between 9:50 and 9:55 with AJ finishing in 10:06 rested for about a minute before hitting a 400 between 61- 68- rested for about 50 seconds and hit a mile between 4:55-5:20ish.  Great day- Caroline led the ladies in 11:04/80/5:42.  For the bowl beater we hit 3.5 up- 3.25 of hard work and 3 miles down (2 miles easy plus 8 strides and 2 laps) for around 9.5 on the day.

Wednesday 10/20/10- 5-9 steady miles of running followed by 10* 160m for between 6 and 10 on the day. 400 reps of core after.

Tuesday 10/19/10-3 miles up followed by 3 miles at the county course followed  by either 30 minutes and 15 strides or 42 minutes and 16 strides. – the exception was Caroline and Schoepfer who hit the loop one extra time hard (about 1.25-1.3 miles followed by either 20 and 10 (ladies) or 10 x 60m fast (Schoepfs).   9-13 on the day.

Monday 10/18/10- either kids hit a pre meet of 40 minutes and 12 strides or worked out ( 12x 400 on a 3 min cycle)- or- the very top dogs and ladies- hit 3-4.25 miles up with 12 strides and hit between 4- 6x 1600 descending with very short rest.  Caroline led the ladies with6:20/6:10/6:04/5:42 followed closely by Ingrid.  The dudes hit 5:50/5:40/5:30/5:20/5:14/5:00- 2 laps down for 8.5-11.5 on the day.