Week of 10/11/10

SUNDAY 10/17/10 8:00 AM PRACTICE AT TURNING BASIN PARK FOR ALL OF THOSE WHO TOOK PSATS ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!! Everyone who ran Saturdays long run get between 5-7 miles easy. Good article on the ‘other Coach Wayton’ HERE. Caroline led the ladies with 9 miles steady and 4 threshold miles followed by fast strides for 14. 

Saturday 10/16/10- 9 miles up followed by 3-4 miles of LT running. 16 x100m fast strides after. 12-14 on the day.

Friday 10/15/10- 7-10 miles and 6x 150m form strides plus plenty of core. Up to 10.5 on the day!!!

Thursday 10/14/10- a little liquid sunshine! Pirates hit 2 miles up- before hitting either 20-30x 250 on a 75-90 second cycle or the imfamous Bowl beater.  Top boys group hit 9:58 for 2 miles- rested 60 seconds, hit a 400 hard in 64-5- rested 55 seconds- and ran a mile all out- Jake Riff led everyone home in 4:58.  2 laps down.  Caroline hit 11:08- rested 52 seconds- hit a 77, rested 43 seconds and ran 5:38.  Great work pirates.  Weight lifters got in a short lift after.

Wednesday 10/13/10- between 6 and 8.5 miles of steady running. Once back to the school everyone did 2x 1 miles at threshold pace followed by 2 laps easy and 8 strides for around 9-12 on the day.  Schoepfer led all with 8.6 miles at 6:30 pace followed by 2x a mile at 5:04 and 5:09 and a 800m kicker in 2:24.  Caroline led all ladies with 6 miles steady followed by 3x a mile in 6:05-10 ad a mile coolie for 10. Everyone hit 500 reps of core after.

Tuesday 10/12/10- 3 miles up, 5 k race, and either 20 minutes and 10 strides or 10 minutes easy followed by 20 minutes at threshold and 10 minutes down for between 8.5-12 on the day.

Monday 10/11/10- between 4.25- 6.2 of steady running followed by 12 strides for 5-7 on the day.