Week of 10/4/10

Sunday 10/10/10-The Day of 10′!!!!!!!! Everyone hit 10 miles!!!!

Saturday 10/9/10- SAT group hit an easy hour followed by hard sprints of 150 meters for around 10 on the day. Manhattan group hit 20 minutes up followed by 2.5 race, between 30 and 40 minutes of running and 8x 200 fast on VCP track for between 10-13 on the day.  The exception was Caroline who hit 35 minutes easy following her race and 2x a mile at 5:40.

Friday 10/8/10- several groups, Manhattan group hit between 20 and 30 minutes.  Developmental group hit 60 minutes followed by 6x 400m and 2 laps down.  SAT group hit between 8-10 miles steady on the towpath followed by 2-3 mile reps and 16x 100m sprints.  Doogie and Markan led all with 10 miles steady, 3x a mile in 5:59 5:49 and 5:32.  Between 3-14 on the day.

Thursday 10/7/10- either a steady run (for those competing Saturday) or 2-4 mile warmup followed by driils and 8 strides,  then 8-10 x 800m on a 4, 5, or 6 minute cycle.  Top dogs hit 10x 800m on grass in mid 2:30’s followed on a 4 minute cycle, 800m coolie for between 8.5-10 on the day.

Wednesday 10/6/10- two groups.  Top dogs and Gals got between 6 and 8.5 steady followed by 1.5 miles @ LT (80%) and 800 fast.  Top guys hit 8 flat and low 2:20’s, Caroline led the ladies with around 9 and 2:42, 2 laps down.  Developmental group hit 6 miles followed by 6x 400m and 2 laps down.  Between 8 and 11 on the day.

Tuesday 10/5/10- 20 minutes up, 5 k race, and either 20 and 20 or 40 minutes (6 miles ) for between 6-12. Good day- guys and gals did great!!!!

Monday 10/4/10- most guys and gals hit 5-7 miles easy followed by 8x 100m strides and group core.  Top dogs hit 20 minutes up followed by 1600m cut downs in 5:48/5:40/5:28/5:20/5:11/5:02 with 30 seconds standing rest between each.  cooldown of 3 laps and 4 strides for a sneaky 10 miles.  Caroline warmed up for 20 minutes and hit 5x a mile in 6:07/6:02/5:46/5:42/ 5:31 with about 30-60 seconds rest between each.  Caroline finished with 2 laps and 8 strides for around 9 on the day and hit hang cleans and legs to finish.