Shore Coaches

Name Place Time Comments
D. Sheldon 16 #7 AT 16:40 Got out well- lost concentration from 1.5 miles on- you had guys to work on- kind of got complacent- nonetheless- good start- if you can stay healthy and tough you’ll drop 20 seconds!!!
J Riff 20 #8 AT 16:46 Great race- challenged yourself early and hung on well- you can run 16:20 this year- you have 7 weeks to work towards this.
D Riff 23 #9 AT 16:48 You got out great and raced aggressively – you’ll run 16:20 this year- with you guys we can go the distance.
Schoepfs 28 16:58 Be smart and know that we’re moving forward- every day is a success and an investment in your eventual goals- keep bringing us to the top.
Chavez 45 # 20 AT 17:31 Not a bad first race- stick to the directions. You ran like a 6th man- Run like a 5th man,
D Wallack 59 17:56 Doug- learn to listen and execute. You didn’t follow directions.  Every hard workout we have you vanish late in the workout- what are u training yourself to do? If you had run with Dan Riff- something you’ve proven very capable of doing- we get 3rd.  We don’t need great out of you- we need you to show up and be solid– just relax and run.  90 % of Doug for 3.1 miles  is better than 100 percent of Doug for 2 miles and 40 percent the last 1.1rd….simple math.
Markan 61 18:03 Great athlete, great young man, great leader- Bad race- think about what needs to be done and correct it.
Maeda 10 18:10 Solid race- we need a 50-60 second improvement – can you do it?
Oconnell 13 18:13 Awesome considering- you’re  the man.
Skeps 17 18:20 Very solid race- don’t be satisfied- you’re our guy.
Bortolus 18 18:21 Nice work big dog- you’re turning into a fine runner.
J Fergs 19 18:21 Got out great- aggressive racing style- I love it,
Boosh 77 19:40 Rough race- don’t allow it to change anything.
Vinci 10 12:00 Holy farts- breakthrough race!! Great job!!
Judson 47 13:04 You’ll be ok- Freshman year is full of ups and downs- learn and move forward.
Winston 149 15:05 Tough race- get out better- you’ll be around the achievers and the believers.
Booosh Jr. 162 15:37 Look inward and push yourself!!!


Team notes- I’m very encouraged by the results- we’re still working very hard-our best races are up the road. Every day we have an opportunity to make a personal and group investment in our future.  How many guys are going to make this a priority for the next? Are we willing to make the next 7 weeks extraordinary?  I am- follow me.