Week of 10/25/10


“The 1st period (Mile) is won by the best technician (most talented). The 2nd period (mile) is won by the kid in the best shape. The 3rd period (mile) is won by the kid with the biggest heart.”

Dan Gable

Mancuso on Flotrack!!!!!

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack


Sunday 10/31/10- Happy Halloween!!!! 7 miles steady followed by 3-6x the mile circuit. and 16-20 fast 100m sprints. Schoepfer led all in 5:52/5:40ish/5:30ish 5:25/ 5:12 and 5:05.  Good day. 10-14

Saturday 10/30/10-  recovery run of 7-10 miles and plenty of strides.

Friday 10/29/10- warmie- 5k race- coolie 6-8.5 miles Caroline finished her race with a quick workout of 3 on 1 off.

Thursday 10/28/10- light 2-6 miles followed by 10 strides.

Wednesday 10/27/10- light run and movie time before the Pasta Party.

Tuesday 10/26/10- quick team meeting followed by 4.3-8  miles followed by 8-10* 160m (1st half race pace- 2nd half fast) and around a mile down for between 6-10 on the day.

Monday 10/25/10- most guys and gals hit 3 miles up followed by 8 strides and 4x 800m on a 5-6 minute cycle.  Coolie of a mile and 5x 160m for a total of 6.5 on the day.  Top guys and gals hit 4-5 miles up followed by  5*1000m on a 5-6 minute cycle on the new campus k loop.  Top dogs hit 3:01/3:05/3:06/3:06/3:04 coolie of a mile and 5*160m for a total of 8.5-10 on the day.

Week of 10/18/10-


Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Saturday 10/23/10-   8:00 am practice at Turning Basin Park!!!!! Top dogs hit 8 miles in 53 minutes followed by 5x a mile on a 6 minute cycle.  Schoepfer led all in 5:37/5:36/5:27/5:22/5:12 followed by 16x 100m .  Ladies were led by Caroline who hit 8 miles followed by 5x a mile in between 5:47-6:02 (7 min. cycle.) + 16 strides.  Most guys and gals hit 8 miles plus one mile kicker and 16x 100m.  Good day- cold but windless. 14.  Tops dogs hit 67.5 in 6 days- run tomorrow to reach mileage goals or take completely off.

Friday 10/22/10-kids either ran 3 miles up and 3 miles progressive plus a 300m kicker (or in Caroline’s case a 1600 in 5:28) followed by 3 laps down for a total of 7 miles or 8.5 steady and a 300 plus 3 laps for 9.5 on the day.  500 core after.

Thursday 10/21/10- bowl beater!!!! those not doing bowl beaters completed instead 1k repeats on 6,7,and 8 minute cycles, Glen led all with 306/308/311/313/312- awesome job, 1 miles coolie.  Top ladies hit 340/328/340/342/343. Top 10 or so dudes and top 3 ladies hit a bowl beater.  Guys put 6  between 9:50 and 9:55 with AJ finishing in 10:06 rested for about a minute before hitting a 400 between 61- 68- rested for about 50 seconds and hit a mile between 4:55-5:20ish.  Great day- Caroline led the ladies in 11:04/80/5:42.  For the bowl beater we hit 3.5 up- 3.25 of hard work and 3 miles down (2 miles easy plus 8 strides and 2 laps) for around 9.5 on the day.

Wednesday 10/20/10- 5-9 steady miles of running followed by 10* 160m for between 6 and 10 on the day. 400 reps of core after.

Tuesday 10/19/10-3 miles up followed by 3 miles at the county course followed  by either 30 minutes and 15 strides or 42 minutes and 16 strides. – the exception was Caroline and Schoepfer who hit the loop one extra time hard (about 1.25-1.3 miles followed by either 20 and 10 (ladies) or 10 x 60m fast (Schoepfs).   9-13 on the day.

Monday 10/18/10- either kids hit a pre meet of 40 minutes and 12 strides or worked out ( 12x 400 on a 3 min cycle)- or- the very top dogs and ladies- hit 3-4.25 miles up with 12 strides and hit between 4- 6x 1600 descending with very short rest.  Caroline led the ladies with6:20/6:10/6:04/5:42 followed closely by Ingrid.  The dudes hit 5:50/5:40/5:30/5:20/5:14/5:00- 2 laps down for 8.5-11.5 on the day.

Week of 10/11/10

SUNDAY 10/17/10 8:00 AM PRACTICE AT TURNING BASIN PARK FOR ALL OF THOSE WHO TOOK PSATS ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!! Everyone who ran Saturdays long run get between 5-7 miles easy. Good article on the ‘other Coach Wayton’ HERE. Caroline led the ladies with 9 miles steady and 4 threshold miles followed by fast strides for 14. 

Saturday 10/16/10- 9 miles up followed by 3-4 miles of LT running. 16 x100m fast strides after. 12-14 on the day.

Friday 10/15/10- 7-10 miles and 6x 150m form strides plus plenty of core. Up to 10.5 on the day!!!

Thursday 10/14/10- a little liquid sunshine! Pirates hit 2 miles up- before hitting either 20-30x 250 on a 75-90 second cycle or the imfamous Bowl beater.  Top boys group hit 9:58 for 2 miles- rested 60 seconds, hit a 400 hard in 64-5- rested 55 seconds- and ran a mile all out- Jake Riff led everyone home in 4:58.  2 laps down.  Caroline hit 11:08- rested 52 seconds- hit a 77, rested 43 seconds and ran 5:38.  Great work pirates.  Weight lifters got in a short lift after.

Wednesday 10/13/10- between 6 and 8.5 miles of steady running. Once back to the school everyone did 2x 1 miles at threshold pace followed by 2 laps easy and 8 strides for around 9-12 on the day.  Schoepfer led all with 8.6 miles at 6:30 pace followed by 2x a mile at 5:04 and 5:09 and a 800m kicker in 2:24.  Caroline led all ladies with 6 miles steady followed by 3x a mile in 6:05-10 ad a mile coolie for 10. Everyone hit 500 reps of core after.

Tuesday 10/12/10- 3 miles up, 5 k race, and either 20 minutes and 10 strides or 10 minutes easy followed by 20 minutes at threshold and 10 minutes down for between 8.5-12 on the day.

Monday 10/11/10- between 4.25- 6.2 of steady running followed by 12 strides for 5-7 on the day.

Manhattan Race comments



Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Jake Riff- a very solid race- but just solid- you guys have to learn to get on stage and boogie- today we just ran- don’t sell yourself short- be great- today was good.

Dan Riff- similar to your brother- you have to learn to be bolder if you’re going to emerge as a top level guy- nonetheless I’m very happy with the way you and Jake are approaching your running.

Dan Sheldon- You got out in mid pack position- this haunted you for the rest of the race- you’re not a mid-pack runner- if you’re going to be our number 1 guy than you have to get out with the numero uneros.  Again- you had a very solid race- but if we’re going to make this season memorable we have to walk out to the other side.

Schoepfer- best race of the season- ignore the finish time and place- you attacked with aggression and fought hard- continue to do so!!!

Karthik- don’t pass up opportunities like this.

Glen- I’m so proud of your development- there’s no point in getting into the VIP room if you’re not ready to party.

Judson- great performance in a tough course!

Callahan-perhaps the best race of the day- you raced hard from the gun! Very tough!!!

Vinci- when did you get so good>?

George Hamilton-best XC race of your career- you’re a talented great guy- your improvement is directly related to your commitment.

Niv-solid race- you’re emerging as not only a very solid runner- but a good leader.

Soskind- you got out great and paid for it- so be it- you’ll race better next time- great work.

Abith- you may be the most improved runner on the team- period.

Prathik- your best XC race to date- all the work is beginning to pay off.

Albert-very solid race- how good can you get in the next 2 weeks?

Matt-you led us- very good race- you behaved great out there.

Schofield- you’re going to be a great runner.

Eddison-awesome job- more than anything you wanted to be here and had fun- be that guy every day.

Jeff-I think you were intimidated out there- don’t be – you’re good- be yourself- be good.

Caroline – Great effort, awesome start.  Dropped 10 seconds from last year.  Solid through the first 800, keeping the lead girl in your sight.  Fantastic finish, burying the competition behind you and never looking back.  Keep up the great work! 


Ingrid – Great race, great start, great finish.  Keep using your strength and speed but watch the middle of your race, stay forward and keep pushing.  Very proud of your efforts, keep it up!


Shelbs – Solid effort, you dropped 12 seconds from last year.  Don’t let go of Ingrid and bring May with you.  You guys are an awesome 2, 3, 4 punch.  Awesome leadership, keep it up!


May – Good race kiddo, but get up there with Shelby and Ingrid where you belong.  Believe in yourself and your fitness and get out from the start!


Xinran – Unbelievable!  You dropped just over 2 minutes from last year!  All the hard work and training is certainly paying off!  This is the Xinran we’ve been waiting to see.  Keep up the good work!


Lisa – Solid race, but don’t be afraid to push a little harder.  Watch your start, you got muddled up in the middle of the pack.  We look to you, Nicole, and Xinran to be the backbone of the team, so get up there where you belong!


Crossey – Good effort, you dropped 25 seconds from last year, way to go.  Be careful on the start, use your speed, get out where you belong.  Stay on your toes through the finish, don’t let yourself get stagnant.  Keep pushing with Lisa!


Nana – Great race despite the crazy start.  Way to use your speed to fly out in front.  Once you were there, you just held on!  You’re right there with Lisa and Nicole, keep pushing!


Cai Cai – Let’s refocus our efforts and find the strength and stamina that you have spent all summer building.  Don’t be afraid to push a little harder and get back up towards the front where you belong.  Awesome finish, passing 16 girls, but let’s try and stretch that same effort and attitude over the rest of the course.


Nora – Solid effort.  I’m proud of the progress you’ve made this year. 


Yvonne – Good racing, again despite the awful start.  Let’s work on getting more focused in the middle of the race, and hang on to Nora and the girls just in front of you.  


Donnelly – Rough start, but not really your fault.  We have to continue to work on the breathing difficulties, because Katie, you’ve got the tools, we just need to use them.  Don’t be afraid to push yourself!  


Sari – The start didn’t go as planned, but don’t give up heart.  Keep pushing onward, you’ve worked so hard to get this far.  Still another month to the season, so let’s make it count!


Millie – Great effort.  I’m so proud of the hard work you put in everyday.  Keep up the great attitude.

Week of 10/4/10

Sunday 10/10/10-The Day of 10′!!!!!!!! Everyone hit 10 miles!!!!

Saturday 10/9/10- SAT group hit an easy hour followed by hard sprints of 150 meters for around 10 on the day. Manhattan group hit 20 minutes up followed by 2.5 race, between 30 and 40 minutes of running and 8x 200 fast on VCP track for between 10-13 on the day.  The exception was Caroline who hit 35 minutes easy following her race and 2x a mile at 5:40.

Friday 10/8/10- several groups, Manhattan group hit between 20 and 30 minutes.  Developmental group hit 60 minutes followed by 6x 400m and 2 laps down.  SAT group hit between 8-10 miles steady on the towpath followed by 2-3 mile reps and 16x 100m sprints.  Doogie and Markan led all with 10 miles steady, 3x a mile in 5:59 5:49 and 5:32.  Between 3-14 on the day.

Thursday 10/7/10- either a steady run (for those competing Saturday) or 2-4 mile warmup followed by driils and 8 strides,  then 8-10 x 800m on a 4, 5, or 6 minute cycle.  Top dogs hit 10x 800m on grass in mid 2:30’s followed on a 4 minute cycle, 800m coolie for between 8.5-10 on the day.

Wednesday 10/6/10- two groups.  Top dogs and Gals got between 6 and 8.5 steady followed by 1.5 miles @ LT (80%) and 800 fast.  Top guys hit 8 flat and low 2:20’s, Caroline led the ladies with around 9 and 2:42, 2 laps down.  Developmental group hit 6 miles followed by 6x 400m and 2 laps down.  Between 8 and 11 on the day.

Tuesday 10/5/10- 20 minutes up, 5 k race, and either 20 and 20 or 40 minutes (6 miles ) for between 6-12. Good day- guys and gals did great!!!!

Monday 10/4/10- most guys and gals hit 5-7 miles easy followed by 8x 100m strides and group core.  Top dogs hit 20 minutes up followed by 1600m cut downs in 5:48/5:40/5:28/5:20/5:11/5:02 with 30 seconds standing rest between each.  cooldown of 3 laps and 4 strides for a sneaky 10 miles.  Caroline warmed up for 20 minutes and hit 5x a mile in 6:07/6:02/5:46/5:42/ 5:31 with about 30-60 seconds rest between each.  Caroline finished with 2 laps and 8 strides for around 9 on the day and hit hang cleans and legs to finish.

Shore Coaches

Name Place Time Comments
D. Sheldon 16 #7 AT 16:40 Got out well- lost concentration from 1.5 miles on- you had guys to work on- kind of got complacent- nonetheless- good start- if you can stay healthy and tough you’ll drop 20 seconds!!!
J Riff 20 #8 AT 16:46 Great race- challenged yourself early and hung on well- you can run 16:20 this year- you have 7 weeks to work towards this.
D Riff 23 #9 AT 16:48 You got out great and raced aggressively – you’ll run 16:20 this year- with you guys we can go the distance.
Schoepfs 28 16:58 Be smart and know that we’re moving forward- every day is a success and an investment in your eventual goals- keep bringing us to the top.
Chavez 45 # 20 AT 17:31 Not a bad first race- stick to the directions. You ran like a 6th man- Run like a 5th man,
D Wallack 59 17:56 Doug- learn to listen and execute. You didn’t follow directions.  Every hard workout we have you vanish late in the workout- what are u training yourself to do? If you had run with Dan Riff- something you’ve proven very capable of doing- we get 3rd.  We don’t need great out of you- we need you to show up and be solid– just relax and run.  90 % of Doug for 3.1 miles  is better than 100 percent of Doug for 2 miles and 40 percent the last 1.1rd….simple math.
Markan 61 18:03 Great athlete, great young man, great leader- Bad race- think about what needs to be done and correct it.
Maeda 10 18:10 Solid race- we need a 50-60 second improvement – can you do it?
Oconnell 13 18:13 Awesome considering- you’re  the man.
Skeps 17 18:20 Very solid race- don’t be satisfied- you’re our guy.
Bortolus 18 18:21 Nice work big dog- you’re turning into a fine runner.
J Fergs 19 18:21 Got out great- aggressive racing style- I love it,
Boosh 77 19:40 Rough race- don’t allow it to change anything.
Vinci 10 12:00 Holy farts- breakthrough race!! Great job!!
Judson 47 13:04 You’ll be ok- Freshman year is full of ups and downs- learn and move forward.
Winston 149 15:05 Tough race- get out better- you’ll be around the achievers and the believers.
Booosh Jr. 162 15:37 Look inward and push yourself!!!


Team notes- I’m very encouraged by the results- we’re still working very hard-our best races are up the road. Every day we have an opportunity to make a personal and group investment in our future.  How many guys are going to make this a priority for the next? Are we willing to make the next 7 weeks extraordinary?  I am- follow me.