Week of 9/27/10


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 Sunday 10/3/10- between 60-70 minujtes and 16 strides.

Saturday 10/2/10- 8:30 am practice at high school south or 10 am bus to Holmdel. Those who stayed home hit a conover and 3x 1600 at 80, 90 and 100 percent effort followed by 16x 100m strides for 11.  Those who ran SC hit 20 minutes up 5k race and either 30 minutes and 20 strides or 30 minutes followed 3x 6 minutes hard 4 minutes easy.  Total mileage on the day between 10- 13

Friday 10/1/10-either 45 minutes easy (Schoepfer added a mile at threshold.) with 8 strides or 1.1 miles up followed by 8 strides and between 20-33x 300m on a 90- 120 second cycle. 1.1 miles down. Mileage 6-8 miles. 

 Thursday 9/30/10- Easy or off day


 Wednesday 9/29/10-  Pirates ran between 6-8 miles of steady running before getiing in either 2x 1600 (1st muile at 80%, 2nd hard) followed by 800m coolie or (those competing on Saturday) between 8-10x 200m at RP followed by 2 laps down.  Schoepfs was the exception as he finished with a mile in 5 flat followed by an 800m in 2:25, 2 laps down.  Between 8-10.5 on the day.

Tuesday 9/28/10- Those scheduled to race the meet today (postponed) ran 30 minutes up with 8 strides before embarking on a 10*500m on a 2:30-3:30 cycle.  Cooldown of 2 laps and 8 strides plus core.  Mileage 6.5-8.5.  Top Dogs hot 8.5 miles at a steady pace followed by 2k @ 6:00 (4:49 pace) and a 1200 kicker led by schoepfs in 3:35, 2 laps easy jogging followed by core (11 mi).  Ladies hit 3 miles up- 28 minutes of up-tempo running, a mile at 80 % and an 800m fast followed by 800m cooldown for 9. Caroline led the ladies with 5:50ish and 2:42.  Great day!!!!

Monday 9/27/10- kids either got in a pre meet  (30 and 10 s) or warmed up between 3 and 4.3 miles followed by stretching, drills, strides (8-12).  Pirates then got in 4x 1200 on a 6 (dudes), 6:30 (Caroline) or 7 minute cycle (ladies).  After the 4th rep we rested 30 seconds or so before blasting a 200 to make it 5000 m of hard running.  Everyone jogged a lap before doing 8x 200m on a 60 sec cycle (70 for the ladies) and one mile in 7:30-8 for between 8.5  and 10 on the day.