Week of 9/20/10



Saturday 9/25/10- either 8:00 am bus to Holmdel or 8:00 am towpath practice with Cappy Waris.  To get ready watch this vid…Waris captained a practice at the towpath where Pirates ran 80 minutes followed by 2x mile hard and 16 strides.  Holmdel group got in 45 steady minutes, ran the course at 80% (led by Sheldon in 18:15), spiked up- hit 3x a mile ( last rep 1.1) hard with 60 sec recovery on the course.  Cooldown was 160 meter sprints up the starightaway with a jog back recovery.  Everyone about 13 on the day.

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Friday 9/24/10-30-40 minute run followed by 4-6 x 400 onj a bout a 3 minute cycle focusing on decreasing pace.  Top group worked down from 74 to 65, 2 laps down.  5.5-8 miles on the day.  Core after 

Thursday 9/23/10- most everone hit 3 miles up (top dogs hit 4.2)  plus strecthing drills and strides for 3.5 (or 4.7) plus either 6x 1280m on a 7 minute cycle plus 2x 400m fast, 5x 1280 on a 7 minute cycle with 1x 400m fast, or 8x 800m on a 5 minute cycle.  .75 mi. colldown for everyone.  Between 7-10 on the day.

Wednesday 9/22/10- two groups, Group A hit 2.5 miles easy followed by 2.5 miles of progressive running and 2x 1 mile on the track followed by three laps easy for a total of 7.75 on the day- team core after.  Group B (Top ladies and dudes)  hit 7.25 Conover steady followed by 2x 1600 .  1st rep was at threshold- 2nd rep was fast. Sheldon led all with 5:25 and 5:00, 3 laps down. 7.75-10 total. Lifters lifted lower body after.

Tuesday 9/21/10- 2 mile warmie followed by 5 k race and either 20 minutes and 20 strides for 4 extra miles or a short workout of 3x 5 min on x 3 for about 9 miles on the day for everyone.  Great day- some awesome performances today- we’re going in the right direction- lets keep it up!!!!


Monday 9/20/10- quick team meeting followed by 20-40 minutes of running and between 2-4 x 400m.  Top guys hit 6 miles and 4x 400m in 65-68.  Top ladies hit easy run followed by their quarters in 78-81.  2 laps down for around 6.5-7.5 on the day.