Week of 9/13/10

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Watch Video if you think we’re working hard enough.



Sunday 9/19/10- all my Jewish sons and daughters will complete a long run at 8:00 a.m at the Alex. Rd. TP.  Runner should do the same thing everyone did yesterday with the exception of Judson who should just do 9 miles and 1 hard kicker on the course.  Everyone should finish with 16 good strides.

Saturday 9/18/10- everyone hit a blend of aerobic and threshold development.  Top ladies hit a little over 9 miles plus 3x a mile at 80% followed by 12 strides for 13 total. Top dogs hit 12 miles plus 3 hard mile reps in the 5:40s followed by 16* 100m strides for 15 on the day. Great day- especially after yesterday’s hard efforts.

Friday 9/17/10- 3- 4.2 miles up followed by either 5x 1250 on a 7-8 min cycle or 7x 800m on a 5-6 min cycle.  Afterwards kids hit 16  barefoot sprints over 100m and .7 miles cooldown.  Good day. 7- 10 miles total.

Thursday 9/16/10- most everyone got in a much needed easy day of 40 minutes and 10x 160m followed by core. for a total of 5-7 miles.  The exception was Caroline who warmed up for 4.3 miles, hit her stretching, drills, and strides (8) before embarking on 6x 1200 on a 6 minute rest cycle avg’ing around 4:15-4:20, she finished with 3 laps easy for 10 miles on the day.

Wednesday 9/15/10- 3 mile warmie followed by either 3 miles of progressive running or a steady 5.5 miles.  Everyone hit 3-4 x 400m at 95 % followed by 2 laps of easy jogging and core/ lifting.  Good day- beautiful weather. 7.5-10 miles. Varsity girls avg’d 77 on their 400’s whereas varsity guys avg’d 65.  

Tuesday 9/14/10- duel meet at Vets park- kids either got in a 2 mile warmie followed by drills and 8 strides or 20 minutes followed by the same- every ran their race and either hit 10 and 10 coolie, a fartlek of 1 on 1 off for 19 minutes, or a 5k threshold run followed by easy jogging.  6-10 miles on the day. 

Monday 9/13/10- kids either hit a pre-meet warm up or ran for 30 minutes (3.6-4 mi) drills, strides, and hit 25-27x 300 on 90-100 seconds cycles.  Rest of 3 minutes after the first 15.  Good day- one mile coolie for around 9-10 on the day. Spike night after.