Week of 9/6/10

Sunday 9/12/10- off or Long run for those who competed at CC (12-14 plus strides)

Saturday 9/11/10- either a long run or CC

Friday 9/10/10  either pre meet for those running Cherokee or 1 mile up followed by drills and strides.  Kids hit 300m repeats on Joanne St. on a short 90-2:00 cycle.  Upperclassmen hit 20 of them before cooling down and getting in some core. 

Thursday 9/9/10- captains practice at Marina 10:00 am.  45 minute run (5-6.5) followed by cruisers over 900m through the trails at mcp, about a 60 sec recovery.  Kids hit between 6-11.  B group hit 16x 200m strides on a 90 sec cycle.  800m coolie and core with Kenny. Between 10-12 on the morning.

Wednesday 9/8/10- between 4 and 8.5 miles of steady state running followed by a 1.5 or 2 mile of kicker.  2 lap cooldown and core.  Top dogs hit 10.5.

Tuesday 9/7/10- 2 mile warmie followed by drills and 8 strides.  From here groups hit either 6x 800 on a 6 minute cycle or 3-5x 1600m on a 10 min cycle. cooldown was either 2 laps and 8 strides or 2 laps and 16 strides followed by core or lower leg lifting.  Up to 9 miles on the day.

Monday 9/6/10- easy run oyo (labor day).