Week of 8/30/10

Sunday 9/5/10- run to meet mileage goals and rest!!!!!!

Saturday 9/4/10- PRACTICE AT PRINCETON XC COURSE 8:00 AM!!!!! 50-77 minutes follwoed by 2 miles hard on xc course and 16x 100m strides, 6-13.5 miles. Doogie nd Sheldon hit 11 miles steady followed by the 5k loop at holmdel in 1810 finishing with strides.

Friday 9/3/10- 2.5 miles up- 20x 150m hill, 2.5 miles down.

Thursday 9/2/10– kids ran 50 minutes or a Conover loop followed by 16x 100m

Wednesday 9/1/10- LONG RUN kids got in between 5-14.5 miles followed by 16x 100m for 6-15.5 on the day.

Tuesday 8/31/10- 60 min run followed by a one mile kicker followed by 2 laps and 8 strides, team core following. 5-11 miles.

Monday 8/30/10-kids warmed up 15 min ,team stretched followed by drills before hitting 4-8 miles on the Greenway preserve hill. one lap cooldown followed by 16 strides. 6-12 mi.