Week of 9/27/10


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 Sunday 10/3/10- between 60-70 minujtes and 16 strides.

Saturday 10/2/10- 8:30 am practice at high school south or 10 am bus to Holmdel. Those who stayed home hit a conover and 3x 1600 at 80, 90 and 100 percent effort followed by 16x 100m strides for 11.  Those who ran SC hit 20 minutes up 5k race and either 30 minutes and 20 strides or 30 minutes followed 3x 6 minutes hard 4 minutes easy.  Total mileage on the day between 10- 13

Friday 10/1/10-either 45 minutes easy (Schoepfer added a mile at threshold.) with 8 strides or 1.1 miles up followed by 8 strides and between 20-33x 300m on a 90- 120 second cycle. 1.1 miles down. Mileage 6-8 miles. 

 Thursday 9/30/10- Easy or off day


 Wednesday 9/29/10-  Pirates ran between 6-8 miles of steady running before getiing in either 2x 1600 (1st muile at 80%, 2nd hard) followed by 800m coolie or (those competing on Saturday) between 8-10x 200m at RP followed by 2 laps down.  Schoepfs was the exception as he finished with a mile in 5 flat followed by an 800m in 2:25, 2 laps down.  Between 8-10.5 on the day.

Tuesday 9/28/10- Those scheduled to race the meet today (postponed) ran 30 minutes up with 8 strides before embarking on a 10*500m on a 2:30-3:30 cycle.  Cooldown of 2 laps and 8 strides plus core.  Mileage 6.5-8.5.  Top Dogs hot 8.5 miles at a steady pace followed by 2k @ 6:00 (4:49 pace) and a 1200 kicker led by schoepfs in 3:35, 2 laps easy jogging followed by core (11 mi).  Ladies hit 3 miles up- 28 minutes of up-tempo running, a mile at 80 % and an 800m fast followed by 800m cooldown for 9. Caroline led the ladies with 5:50ish and 2:42.  Great day!!!!

Monday 9/27/10- kids either got in a pre meet  (30 and 10 s) or warmed up between 3 and 4.3 miles followed by stretching, drills, strides (8-12).  Pirates then got in 4x 1200 on a 6 (dudes), 6:30 (Caroline) or 7 minute cycle (ladies).  After the 4th rep we rested 30 seconds or so before blasting a 200 to make it 5000 m of hard running.  Everyone jogged a lap before doing 8x 200m on a 60 sec cycle (70 for the ladies) and one mile in 7:30-8 for between 8.5  and 10 on the day.

Week of 9/20/10




Saturday 9/25/10- either 8:00 am bus to Holmdel or 8:00 am towpath practice with Cappy Waris.  To get ready watch this vid…Waris captained a practice at the towpath where Pirates ran 80 minutes followed by 2x mile hard and 16 strides.  Holmdel group got in 45 steady minutes, ran the course at 80% (led by Sheldon in 18:15), spiked up- hit 3x a mile ( last rep 1.1) hard with 60 sec recovery on the course.  Cooldown was 160 meter sprints up the starightaway with a jog back recovery.  Everyone about 13 on the day.

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Friday 9/24/10-30-40 minute run followed by 4-6 x 400 onj a bout a 3 minute cycle focusing on decreasing pace.  Top group worked down from 74 to 65, 2 laps down.  5.5-8 miles on the day.  Core after 

Thursday 9/23/10- most everone hit 3 miles up (top dogs hit 4.2)  plus strecthing drills and strides for 3.5 (or 4.7) plus either 6x 1280m on a 7 minute cycle plus 2x 400m fast, 5x 1280 on a 7 minute cycle with 1x 400m fast, or 8x 800m on a 5 minute cycle.  .75 mi. colldown for everyone.  Between 7-10 on the day.

Wednesday 9/22/10- two groups, Group A hit 2.5 miles easy followed by 2.5 miles of progressive running and 2x 1 mile on the track followed by three laps easy for a total of 7.75 on the day- team core after.  Group B (Top ladies and dudes)  hit 7.25 Conover steady followed by 2x 1600 .  1st rep was at threshold- 2nd rep was fast. Sheldon led all with 5:25 and 5:00, 3 laps down. 7.75-10 total. Lifters lifted lower body after.

Tuesday 9/21/10- 2 mile warmie followed by 5 k race and either 20 minutes and 20 strides for 4 extra miles or a short workout of 3x 5 min on x 3 for about 9 miles on the day for everyone.  Great day- some awesome performances today- we’re going in the right direction- lets keep it up!!!!



Monday 9/20/10- quick team meeting followed by 20-40 minutes of running and between 2-4 x 400m.  Top guys hit 6 miles and 4x 400m in 65-68.  Top ladies hit easy run followed by their quarters in 78-81.  2 laps down for around 6.5-7.5 on the day.

Week of 9/13/10

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Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Watch Video if you think we’re working hard enough.



Sunday 9/19/10- all my Jewish sons and daughters will complete a long run at 8:00 a.m at the Alex. Rd. TP.  Runner should do the same thing everyone did yesterday with the exception of Judson who should just do 9 miles and 1 hard kicker on the course.  Everyone should finish with 16 good strides.

Saturday 9/18/10- everyone hit a blend of aerobic and threshold development.  Top ladies hit a little over 9 miles plus 3x a mile at 80% followed by 12 strides for 13 total. Top dogs hit 12 miles plus 3 hard mile reps in the 5:40s followed by 16* 100m strides for 15 on the day. Great day- especially after yesterday’s hard efforts.

Friday 9/17/10- 3- 4.2 miles up followed by either 5x 1250 on a 7-8 min cycle or 7x 800m on a 5-6 min cycle.  Afterwards kids hit 16  barefoot sprints over 100m and .7 miles cooldown.  Good day. 7- 10 miles total.

Thursday 9/16/10- most everyone got in a much needed easy day of 40 minutes and 10x 160m followed by core. for a total of 5-7 miles.  The exception was Caroline who warmed up for 4.3 miles, hit her stretching, drills, and strides (8) before embarking on 6x 1200 on a 6 minute rest cycle avg’ing around 4:15-4:20, she finished with 3 laps easy for 10 miles on the day.

Wednesday 9/15/10- 3 mile warmie followed by either 3 miles of progressive running or a steady 5.5 miles.  Everyone hit 3-4 x 400m at 95 % followed by 2 laps of easy jogging and core/ lifting.  Good day- beautiful weather. 7.5-10 miles. Varsity girls avg’d 77 on their 400’s whereas varsity guys avg’d 65.  

Tuesday 9/14/10- duel meet at Vets park- kids either got in a 2 mile warmie followed by drills and 8 strides or 20 minutes followed by the same- every ran their race and either hit 10 and 10 coolie, a fartlek of 1 on 1 off for 19 minutes, or a 5k threshold run followed by easy jogging.  6-10 miles on the day. 

Monday 9/13/10- kids either hit a pre-meet warm up or ran for 30 minutes (3.6-4 mi) drills, strides, and hit 25-27x 300 on 90-100 seconds cycles.  Rest of 3 minutes after the first 15.  Good day- one mile coolie for around 9-10 on the day. Spike night after.

Cherokee Challenge


Name Place Time 2009 2008 2007
Mike Judson 8 11:08      
Jake Riff 7 10:25 23/ 11:45    
Dan Riff 6 10:23 10/ 11:29    
Markan Patel 31 10:46 44/ 11:25    
Kartik 21 10:35 22/11:00    
Prathik 68 11:13 60/ 11:39    
Maeda 57 11:04 16/ 10:42    
Sheldon 4 10:05 8/10:47    
AJ Chavez 18 10:32      
Dougie 21 10:15 37/10:47 15/10:43 13/11:18
Matt Boosh 72 11:02 79/11:17 45/11:14  
Andy Sleps 60 10:51 119/11:32    


Mike Judson – got out great and hung in well until the last 600, you’ll learn to concentrate and become hungrier the last 800- grab some spikes and keep learning.  You have a tremendous future ahead of you.

Jake Riff- got out reasonably well- you guys race as well as any athletes I’ve coached.  Once you commit to being tough EVERY DAY you’ll breakthrough to the elite level.  The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare.

Dan Riff- See above- you got out great- if you look at the race footage your chin was creeeping up- this closes the windpipe and throws off your posture- keep the head neutral- even yours is very heavy…hahaha- lets get agter it.

Markan- got out horribly- I think you let the stomach thing get in your way- for every reason you don’t have to succeed there are a million other reasons you can- don’t allow excuses to prevent you from reaching your potential.  You’re too good for this- your becoming a leader on this team- take us to the top.

Karthik- you had one of the greatest summers in Pirate History- whats the point of getting all dolled up for the prom if you’re not going to do some dancing? Get out there and shake it.

Prathik- I’d love to know whats going on in that brain of yours- key off one of your teammates and STAY WITH THEM- you’ll surprise yourself.

Maeda- last season you started well and finished rough- this year will be different- solid effort considering- your 2nd half of the race was impressive- will you do what it takes every day to put yourself in postion to be there in November?

Sheldon- your best race to date period. You raced with fire and determination- commit to staying healthy and doing best when it counts.

AJ- your strength is your strength- I’m so impressed with your work ethic- keep it up and you’ll really herlp us this year.

Doogie- considering how poorly you got out you raced very well- find your groove and stay in it- make sure you’re getting your rest.

Caroline – Solid performance.  You got out strong with the top pack just in your sight.  Don’t be timid, you’ve got all the tools.  Great push at the 800m to get up front.  Keep the confidence up and know that you are in fantastic shape, so run like it.

May – Strong start, right to the front of the pack.  You exploded up the hill and closed the gap with a few when you got to the top.  Great race, over a minute faster!  Keep it up.

Lisa – Awesome start and great push through the first mile.  Keep your head up and keep pushing, the second (and third) miles will come. Great attitude, great race, let’s continue forward on this path.

Katie – Your hard work and perseverance from the summer is starting to pay off!  A great start and a hard push up the hill gave you good position for your strong finish.  This is the Katie we’ve been waiting for!

Xinran – Unbelievable!  Over 1:30 faster than last year!  Definitely 6 steps in the right direction, keep working hard, you are doing awesome!  Don’t lose sight of the pack and keep doing what you’re doing!  Great job.

Crossey – Good race, but watch your start, don’t get all muddled up in the back of the pack.  Use your speed and don’t be afraid to get up to the front.  Once you’re there, you’re there!  And thanks for making it back out of the woods!

Jaedi – Way to get out there and push through the aches and pains.  It feels good to go fast.  Make sure that you take care of yourself, stretching, icing so that you stay healthy to race!  Dropped 15 seconds from last year.  Keep up the good work!

Cai Cai – Good start, great finish!  Take that ferocity and spread it over the entire race, and then you’ll be up in the front pack.   Keep working!

Nana – Solid start to the season.  Don’t forget to maintain your speed on the hills and then attack at the top.  Good finish, way to hold off the impending pack.

Nora – Minute improvement from last year, great job!  I am so proud that despite the aches and pains, the asthma, the whatever, you are out there pushing yourself.  Let’s get you healthy so you can really let it roll.

Sari – Great effort, dropped 20 seconds from last year.  You have all the tools you need to succeed.  Keep working hard in practice, and the times will continue to drop. 

Mollie – Hang in there, keep doing the right things, keep pushing in practice, and keep the eyes up.  You’re doing well.  Great first race, let’s build that confidence!

Week of 9/6/10

Sunday 9/12/10- off or Long run for those who competed at CC (12-14 plus strides)

Saturday 9/11/10- either a long run or CC

Friday 9/10/10  either pre meet for those running Cherokee or 1 mile up followed by drills and strides.  Kids hit 300m repeats on Joanne St. on a short 90-2:00 cycle.  Upperclassmen hit 20 of them before cooling down and getting in some core. 

Thursday 9/9/10- captains practice at Marina 10:00 am.  45 minute run (5-6.5) followed by cruisers over 900m through the trails at mcp, about a 60 sec recovery.  Kids hit between 6-11.  B group hit 16x 200m strides on a 90 sec cycle.  800m coolie and core with Kenny. Between 10-12 on the morning.

Wednesday 9/8/10- between 4 and 8.5 miles of steady state running followed by a 1.5 or 2 mile of kicker.  2 lap cooldown and core.  Top dogs hit 10.5.

Tuesday 9/7/10- 2 mile warmie followed by drills and 8 strides.  From here groups hit either 6x 800 on a 6 minute cycle or 3-5x 1600m on a 10 min cycle. cooldown was either 2 laps and 8 strides or 2 laps and 16 strides followed by core or lower leg lifting.  Up to 9 miles on the day.

Monday 9/6/10- easy run oyo (labor day).

Week of 8/30/10

Sunday 9/5/10- run to meet mileage goals and rest!!!!!!

Saturday 9/4/10- PRACTICE AT PRINCETON XC COURSE 8:00 AM!!!!! 50-77 minutes follwoed by 2 miles hard on xc course and 16x 100m strides, 6-13.5 miles. Doogie nd Sheldon hit 11 miles steady followed by the 5k loop at holmdel in 1810 finishing with strides.

Friday 9/3/10- 2.5 miles up- 20x 150m hill, 2.5 miles down.

Thursday 9/2/10– kids ran 50 minutes or a Conover loop followed by 16x 100m

Wednesday 9/1/10- LONG RUN kids got in between 5-14.5 miles followed by 16x 100m for 6-15.5 on the day.

Tuesday 8/31/10- 60 min run followed by a one mile kicker followed by 2 laps and 8 strides, team core following. 5-11 miles.

Monday 8/30/10-kids warmed up 15 min ,team stretched followed by drills before hitting 4-8 miles on the Greenway preserve hill. one lap cooldown followed by 16 strides. 6-12 mi.