Week of 8/23/10

Sunday 8/29/10- off or easy run oyo to reach mileage goals.

Saturday 8/28/10- easy run oyo to meet mileage goals

Friday 8/27/10- 2.5 miles up, 12-22 hills, 2.5 down

Thursday 8/26/10-aerobic run followed by 2 miles at 80% and 150’s for form.  Team core in olf gym following.

Wednesday 8/25/10-kids ran between 7 and 16.5 miles followed by strides (8).  Cool, overcast- good long run weather.  Caroline led the ladies with 14.5.

Tuesday 8/24/10- 3 miles up followed by either 3 miles back slightly progressive or the continuation of a 8.5 mile loop.  Upon returning everyone hit 1600 at 90 % followed by 2 laps easy and 8 strides for a total of 8-10.5 miles.  Team core after.

Monday 8/23/10- 15 min warm-up followed by reps on the 1 mile course.  At the top guys went 7- Caroline and the top ladies hit 6.  Everyone hit a 1 mile cooldown followed by 16 strides. 6-11 miles. With Mancuso gone for the summer it’s a good time to check out his mention on Flotrack as part of Syracuse’s #4 recruiting class in the country. Video HERE