Week of 8/16/10

Saturday 8/21/10- 50-60 min run followed by 2x 1200m at 85 % with a 100m walk rec.  Caroline and Markan hit 3x 1200m..Everyone finished with 12x 125 m strides. good day- very good week! 7-11 miles.

Friday 8/20/10- 2.5 miles up followed by 18-20 hills, 2.5 down.

Thursday 8/19/10- kids ran 50 minutes up before either hitting a mile of strides and straights or 6 laps at threshold followed by 2 laps and core.  Good day.  6-9 miles.

Wednesday 8/18/10- team got in long run, between 60 min and 17.2 miles.  The Chandarockins and a Riff led the way with 16.2 miles and 16 strides for 17.2- Caroline hit around 14 (last 3.5 miles cookin) and a mile of strides. The camp crowd hit 14 miles finshing the last 3 miles in around 5:30-40 pace and 16 strides.  Great efforts all the way around today- weather cooperated (around 70 and dry).  Today was maybe the best day of the summer. 

Tuesday 8/17/10-kids ran between 4.3 and 7.25 miles before either performing a mile kicker plus 2 laps and 8 strides or hitting 8x 200m followed by 2 laps- everyone finished with core or weights. 6.3-9.25 miles.

Monday 8/16/10- kids warmed up for 21 minutes followed by quick stretch w/ drills- then hit between 3-6 miles on the loop followed by 2 miles coolie (1 mile+ 16 strides) for between 6-11 on the morning.  Pretty good turnout. A reminder- PRACTICE IS MANDATORY NOW.