Week of 8/2/10

Saturday 8/7/10- PRACTICE AT 8:00 A.M. WASHINGTON RD. Directions HERE

Friday 8/6/2010- 2.5 mi. warmie to Arreton Rd, guys got in 17 hills skipping every 4- ladies got in 15 skipping every 4.  God day.

Wednesday 8/4/2010- happy Birthday to Katie Kellner and the beautiful Mrs. Wayton.  Long run led by Karthik, Waris,  and Prathik (15.42 miles with strides for 16) most kids got around 12 – pretty hot but very humid. Caroline led the ladies with around 14.5 (with 10 strides) Everyone responding well.  Except for this young man..blister

Glenn- if you’re reading  this,  chances are you’re probably still alive..get well my sweet angel. HAHAHA

Monday 8/2/10- Kids hit a 15 min. warmie followed by 5 minutes of stretching.  From here they were split into 3 groups.  Group A hit 4 miles at 80% followed by 5 minutes rest and a 2 mile kicker.  Group B hit reps over 2 miles (3) and Group C hit mile reps.  Good day.  Cooldown of 1 mile followed by 12 strides (last 6 barefoot).