Week of 8/23/10

Sunday 8/29/10- off or easy run oyo to reach mileage goals.

Saturday 8/28/10- easy run oyo to meet mileage goals

Friday 8/27/10- 2.5 miles up, 12-22 hills, 2.5 down

Thursday 8/26/10-aerobic run followed by 2 miles at 80% and 150’s for form.  Team core in olf gym following.

Wednesday 8/25/10-kids ran between 7 and 16.5 miles followed by strides (8).  Cool, overcast- good long run weather.  Caroline led the ladies with 14.5.

Tuesday 8/24/10- 3 miles up followed by either 3 miles back slightly progressive or the continuation of a 8.5 mile loop.  Upon returning everyone hit 1600 at 90 % followed by 2 laps easy and 8 strides for a total of 8-10.5 miles.  Team core after.

Monday 8/23/10- 15 min warm-up followed by reps on the 1 mile course.  At the top guys went 7- Caroline and the top ladies hit 6.  Everyone hit a 1 mile cooldown followed by 16 strides. 6-11 miles. With Mancuso gone for the summer it’s a good time to check out his mention on Flotrack as part of Syracuse’s #4 recruiting class in the country. Video HERE

Week of 8/16/10

Saturday 8/21/10- 50-60 min run followed by 2x 1200m at 85 % with a 100m walk rec.  Caroline and Markan hit 3x 1200m..Everyone finished with 12x 125 m strides. good day- very good week! 7-11 miles.

Friday 8/20/10- 2.5 miles up followed by 18-20 hills, 2.5 down.

Thursday 8/19/10- kids ran 50 minutes up before either hitting a mile of strides and straights or 6 laps at threshold followed by 2 laps and core.  Good day.  6-9 miles.

Wednesday 8/18/10- team got in long run, between 60 min and 17.2 miles.  The Chandarockins and a Riff led the way with 16.2 miles and 16 strides for 17.2- Caroline hit around 14 (last 3.5 miles cookin) and a mile of strides. The camp crowd hit 14 miles finshing the last 3 miles in around 5:30-40 pace and 16 strides.  Great efforts all the way around today- weather cooperated (around 70 and dry).  Today was maybe the best day of the summer. 

Tuesday 8/17/10-kids ran between 4.3 and 7.25 miles before either performing a mile kicker plus 2 laps and 8 strides or hitting 8x 200m followed by 2 laps- everyone finished with core or weights. 6.3-9.25 miles.

Monday 8/16/10- kids warmed up for 21 minutes followed by quick stretch w/ drills- then hit between 3-6 miles on the loop followed by 2 miles coolie (1 mile+ 16 strides) for between 6-11 on the morning.  Pretty good turnout. A reminder- PRACTICE IS MANDATORY NOW.

Week of 8/9/10

Saturday 8/14/10– Practice 8:00 a.m. at the MARINA- guys got in 60 minutes of aweobid running (ladies 50) before hitting 1-2 mile reps with a standing 10-20 sec rest.  Schoepfer led the way in 5:20ish- 10 x 150m strides to finish.  7-12 miles.  Good day- great weather.

Friday the 13th/10- 2.5 miles up followed by 16 (ladies)-18 hills, skipping every 4, 2.5 down.  Good day 

Wednesday  8/11/10- long run of 10-14.4 miles (whitehead rd. and back)

Monday 8/9/10- 21 minute warmie followed by 5 mile tempo run on the mile loop.  Schoepfer led the way in under 30 with Sheldon right behind him.



College tour is going great. Car broke down in Illinois, battery needs to get replaced, ipod is out of battery, and I don’t have a shot for any of these colleges I’m visiting (I think) And i’M NOT RUNNING. i CAN’T. DO YOU UNDERSTAND. ITS ALL HIGHWAY AND FARMES AND COUNTRYSIDE AND HORRIBLE WEATHER OVER HERE!!!!

– Facebook is a wonderful thing kids. ‘Farms’ has no ‘e’ in it Alex.

Week of 8/2/10

Saturday 8/7/10- PRACTICE AT 8:00 A.M. WASHINGTON RD. Directions HERE

Friday 8/6/2010- 2.5 mi. warmie to Arreton Rd, guys got in 17 hills skipping every 4- ladies got in 15 skipping every 4.  God day.

Wednesday 8/4/2010- happy Birthday to Katie Kellner and the beautiful Mrs. Wayton.  Long run led by Karthik, Waris,  and Prathik (15.42 miles with strides for 16) most kids got around 12 – pretty hot but very humid. Caroline led the ladies with around 14.5 (with 10 strides) Everyone responding well.  Except for this young man..blister

Glenn- if you’re reading  this,  chances are you’re probably still alive..get well my sweet angel. HAHAHA

Monday 8/2/10- Kids hit a 15 min. warmie followed by 5 minutes of stretching.  From here they were split into 3 groups.  Group A hit 4 miles at 80% followed by 5 minutes rest and a 2 mile kicker.  Group B hit reps over 2 miles (3) and Group C hit mile reps.  Good day.  Cooldown of 1 mile followed by 12 strides (last 6 barefoot).