Week of 7/26/10



Saturday 7/31/10–  practice 8:00 am at the Marina!!!!! Kids hit between 50-60 minutes of aerobic running before hitting 16x 150m with drills after each.  Good day.

Friday 7/30/10- kids warmed up 2.5 and got between 14 (Ladies) and 16 (Hunks) x 150 Arreton Rd. Hill- great weather so we added an extra rep, 2.5 miles down.  !st weeek we’ve looked strong- keep up the great work!!!!

Thursday 7/29/10- run oyo

Wednesday 7/28/10- kids met at the tp and got between 11.5-15 miles.  (10 strides at finish).  Good day- Schoepfer led the way with Chandarockins and crew who hit Whitehead rd. and back.  Caroline hit the long route and got in her 10 strides for 15.

Tuesday 7/27/10- run oyo- weight crew met for lower body workout

Monday 7/26/10- 2 mile warmie followed by a quick stretch- groups either hit 5 reps on the mile course or a succession of 3-2-1.  short one mile cooldown and 10 strides.  Great weather. Mileage for the day 9-10