Week of 7/12/10-

Saturday 7/16/10-kids got in OYO or ran the Miles for Mary 5k.

Friday 7/15/10- kids hot their standard 2.5 mile warmie followed by 10-12 hills interspersed with skipping., 2.5 miles down.

Wednesday 7/14/10- PRACTICE IS ON!!!!! Kids ran between 9-13.5 miles, Caroline led the ladies with around 11, most ladies hit 10.  Next week we’re adding one mile- so be ready….DOUG!!

Monday 7/12/10- greenway preserve, everyone hit 15 minutes up before rattling off 2-5x mile reps on the circuit.  Karthik and Doogie led the way.  Guys stuck to an 11 minute cycle, ladies hit a 12 minute cycle led by Caroline and Shelby, 1 mile circuit cooldown for all.  Good work 5-8 miles.