Week of 7/26/10



Saturday 7/31/10–  practice 8:00 am at the Marina!!!!! Kids hit between 50-60 minutes of aerobic running before hitting 16x 150m with drills after each.  Good day.

Friday 7/30/10- kids warmed up 2.5 and got between 14 (Ladies) and 16 (Hunks) x 150 Arreton Rd. Hill- great weather so we added an extra rep, 2.5 miles down.  !st weeek we’ve looked strong- keep up the great work!!!!

Thursday 7/29/10- run oyo

Wednesday 7/28/10- kids met at the tp and got between 11.5-15 miles.  (10 strides at finish).  Good day- Schoepfer led the way with Chandarockins and crew who hit Whitehead rd. and back.  Caroline hit the long route and got in her 10 strides for 15.

Tuesday 7/27/10- run oyo- weight crew met for lower body workout

Monday 7/26/10- 2 mile warmie followed by a quick stretch- groups either hit 5 reps on the mile course or a succession of 3-2-1.  short one mile cooldown and 10 strides.  Great weather. Mileage for the day 9-10

Week of 7/19/10

Everyone read.


I recently read a book by the great coach Lou Holtz- in there is a powerful quote- “”Everything that happens to us is the result of the choices we make.  You choose to act or procrastinate, believe or doubt, help or hinder, succeed or fail”.”.  Some of us are simply not making choices that positively effect yourselves or the team.  I asked an upperclassman today ( a boy who- in the past- has earned all of our respect) what he was doing on the days we weren’t meeting for practice and he replied ‘eating’.  This isn’t going ot cut it- if this is the prevailing attitude than expect a time trial in September that will be followed immediately by cuts.  It’s up to you kids- either make it happen or don’t- but Coach Wayton is not going to sit back and allow the team to be complacent, lazy, and dishonest .  So- to reiterate- you have a choice- a choice to work hard or slack off, a choice to be a supportive and enthusiastic team member or to be a negative slouch, a choice to passionately pursue our goals or to whither through life with complacency and idleness.  I will only tolerate those who devote themselves to the former- if you’re leaning towards the latter- take a hike.


Coach Wayton

Sunday 7/25/10-run to reach mileage goals.

Saturday 7/24/10– 5k warmie- hotter than heck out- folowed by stretching and a mile of madness.  Finally kids got betwen 20-25 striders.  Good work considering.

Friday 7/23/10- guys 14- pretty solid day.

Thursday 7/22/10- 50-55 minutes oyo

Wednesday 7/21/10- Long run . guys got in between 9-14 (13.5+ 8 strides) toweards Griggstown- hot and humid out- still we saw much improvement between this week and last.  Girls got in between 8- 14 (Caroline).  Great day.

Tuesday 7/20/10- 45-55 minutes oyo

Monday 7/19/10- team met at Princeton XC course, hit 2 miles up followed by quick stretching.  Team then hit between 2-3 2 mile repeats.  Schoepfer led all with an 11:50 avg.  We were trying for a 2 minute rest int.  cooldown of 5 and 5.  About 9 on the morning.

Week of 7/12/10-

Saturday 7/16/10-kids got in OYO or ran the Miles for Mary 5k.

Friday 7/15/10- kids hot their standard 2.5 mile warmie followed by 10-12 hills interspersed with skipping., 2.5 miles down.

Wednesday 7/14/10- PRACTICE IS ON!!!!! Kids ran between 9-13.5 miles, Caroline led the ladies with around 11, most ladies hit 10.  Next week we’re adding one mile- so be ready….DOUG!!

Monday 7/12/10- greenway preserve, everyone hit 15 minutes up before rattling off 2-5x mile reps on the circuit.  Karthik and Doogie led the way.  Guys stuck to an 11 minute cycle, ladies hit a 12 minute cycle led by Caroline and Shelby, 1 mile circuit cooldown for all.  Good work 5-8 miles.

Miles for Mary 5k Info

Miles for Mary 5k
Enabling education through the memory of Mary McGuire
Race Date: Saturday, July 17, 2010, 9:30am (rain or shine)
Benefiting the West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South Student
Council Scholarship in Memory of Mary McGuire, WW-P Class of 1990
Presented by Century 21 Abrams, Hutchinson & Associates
and Dr. Antonio Cifelli, General Dentistry
For information email: miles4mary@gmail.com
Race information: Race Director, Graham Alig, (917) 374-1075
• Walkers and families welcome. • T-Shirts (While they last!).
• Refreshments, food and more.  • E-mailed race results.
• Awards to overall winners and age categories. • Flat course with water stops.

Where:  West Windsor Plainsboro High School South
        346 Clarksville Rd (Btwn 571 & Penn Lyle) West Windsor, NJ 08550
Registration:   8:00 am – 9:15 am on July 17, 2010
Race Start:     9:30 am on July 17, 2010
REGISTRATION FEE: Race Day: $25, Pre-registration: $20 (Must be
received by July 14)
Mail registration form to:      Miles for Mary 5k
C/O Graham Alig
155 Washington Road
Princeton NJ 08540
With a check made payable to: WWP High School South
Or PDF this form to miles4mary@gmail.com and respond to the paypal bill.
———————————————— Detach and Return
Bottom Portion ———————————————
Miles for Mary 5k Entry Application (Race day entry $25, pre-registration $20)
If you want to support this cause, but will not be participating in
the race, or if you wish to support us beyond the entry fee, your
donation is appreciated.  A receipt will be returned to you.  A
tax-deductible donation of $_______________ is enclosed.

First Name:                             Last name:                     
????Male          ????Female                Adult T-Shirt Size:    ????S    ????M    ????L   ????XL   ????XXL
City:                           State:          Zip:   
Date of Birth:                  Age on race day:                       
Email address:                                         
West Windsor High School Graduate?      ???? Yes ???? No    Year:          

Waiver and Release (Must be signed to participate):
I understand that my consent to these provisions is given in
consideration of the acceptance of this registration and for being
permitted to participate in this event. I am a voluntary participant
in this event and in good physical condition. I hereby assume full and
complete responsibility for any injury or accident which may occur
during my participation in this event or while on the premises of this
event and I hereby release and hold The West Windsor Plainsboro School
District, West Windsor Township, The Class of 1990, Graham C. Alig,
Century 21 Abrams, Hutchinson & Associates, other corporate sponsors,
and all other persons or entities associated with this event
(including their employees or affiliates)  free from any claims I may
have arising out of participation in this event, including personal
injury or damage suffered by me or others, whether same be caused by
negligence of any of the said parties’ agents or employees, or
otherwise. If I do not follow all the rules of this event I understand
that I may be removed from the competition. I give my full permission
to any of the said parties to use any photographs, videotapes or other
recordings of me that are made during the course of this event.

Signature of participant (or Parent or guardian if under 18)            Date

Week of 7/5/10

Sunday 7/11/10- RUN OYO

Saturday 7/10/10- run oyo

Friday 7/9/10- meet at Witherspoon lot (see summer info) at 8:00 am!!

Thursday 7/8/10- run OYO

Wednesday 7/7/10- kids met at the towpath for a long run of between 7.5- 12 miles- hotter than hades out!!!

Tuesday 7/6/10- run oyo

Monday 7/5/10- kids ran the Mercer Xc course before completing 3/4 (ladies) to a mile of madness (burpees, jumpinjax, mountain climbers,  coes) Some of the other guys tacked on some miles with Coach Alig. Baby Wayton got in some core and total body fitness.