Week of 5/10/10

Saturday 5/15/10-80 min steady frosh soph boys competed and did very well!

Friday 5/14/10-Specificity- Mancuso and Schoepfs hit 1k @ MGP (Sam hit 2:33- Brian 2:38) followed by 3×300 with flying finishes.  Caroline hit 5 laps at 32GP before hitting 3x 200.  Kaleigh and Ingrid hit a 400 @800 GP (Kaleigh 65, Ingrid 67) followed by 2 fast 200’s.  2 laps down.  Good day

Thursday 5/13/10-holmdel twilight or a steady run- Schoepfs and Mancuso hit 50 min in Holmdel with 6 150’s- guys tore it up in Holmdel.

Weds  5/12/10- kids either hit pre meet or competed at Steinert.  The Riff’s led a wire to wire 4:44-4:45 1-2 in the 1600 and Schoepfes and Mancuso hit a fast 400- 3200 @ threshold (10:40), fast 400.  Girls competed in a variety of events- some very good performances, Shelby leads wire to wire in the 1600  in 5:30, Ingrid hits 5:36 in her first 1600m ever- Jaedi (who still hates Coach Wayton) and Bortnick both got under 5:50!!!  Emily Mauro led the girls in at 2:30ish and Lisa led the 3200m runners home! 

Tues 5/11/10-kids got in 4-50 min run followed by form 150’s.


Monday 5/10/10- the majority of guys and gals got in a quick but intense workout of 3-6 x 400 follwing a 2 mile warmie and 8 strides.  Schmidt led all with 58, 58, 61, .  Max led the distance hogs through 65 avg on his 6 x 400’s. Mancuso Schoepfer and Caroline headed over to the TP and ran the 7.25 miles at maintenance pace before heading out for mile reps at threshold pace (10 sec rest),  Mancuso and shoepfer hit 5:30, 5:28, 5:25, 5:20, and 5:15. 11.5-12.5 total.   Caroline hit 5:58/6:11/6:20/6:02, cooldown of easy strides.  Good day- we’re all ready to go!!!