Week of 5/3/10

Sunday 5/9/10-rec run.

Saturday 5/8/10-  county champs- mile records go down!!!

Friday 5/7/10- premeet or palooza kids got in a warmup followed by a mile time trial.  Jaedi led the ladies with a 5:52 and Sean Fergs led the big dogs in 4:47ish.  Miller and Derks head under 5!!!!!

Thursday 5/6/10-those competing in the palooza got in a pre meet those competing in the county champs got in a long 6 mile warmup followed by a fast 200 and a short coolie.

Weds 5/5/10-

most everyone hit 40 minutes of aerobic running followed by 8x 200 interspersed with overunders and plyos.  2 laps down, 5-7.5 total miles.  Mancuso, Schoeprfs, Max and Caroline headed over to the tow path and got in 8.75 of tp running before hitting 4x 200 in 33 and 8 x 100m for around 9.7 miles

Tuesday 5/4/10-  duel vs Hightstown. some great performances in horrendous conditions.

Monday 5/3/10- quick team meetings before heading out to Conover.  From there kids split into groups, Caroline finished the Conover at a progressive pace, Mancuso and Schoepfer finished 5 more miles at  just slower than threshold, most of those competing just finished the Conover at maint. pace.  A few of the middle distance guys headed back .  Most of the developmental group hit a progressive run on the way back.  Everyone hit 5-10x 200m @MGP on the stone rd when they returned to campus.  Good day. Total 5.5-8.3 miles on the day.