Week of 4/26/10

Sunday 5/2/10- easy recovery runs and plenty of strides, Mancuso, Schoepfs and Wallack hit 11 miles and 16 strides for 12 on the day.

Saturday 5/1/10  most everyone got in a longish run of 60 minutes followed by 16 strides at the tp. schoepfer and mancuso hit incredble 1500’s Caroline prs!!!! Shelby and May pr as well! Ingrid goes under 2:30!!!

Friday 4/30/10- those running Saturday did a pre meet, everyone else raced 2 miles at Holmdel. Incredible night- Riffs both under Schoepfs freshman 32 record, 4 guys under 10 ! Onconnell picks up a win, Prshant Sharma rocks the house!!!!

Thursday 4/29/10- kids got in a medium sized run followed by a few strides.  Those running Saturday went slightly longer.  Mancuso and Schoepfs headed over to the TP for a 10 miler.

Wednesday 4/28/10- duel vs Trenton.

Tuesday 4/27/10- kids had a quick team meeting before getting out for a distance run of 45-50 minutes followed by a MOM.

Monday 4/26/10- everyone warmed up 8 laps, s/d/s (8) followed by  6-8x 400m on a 3:30 cycle.  Top group was under 65 for each. The exception was Mancuso, Schoepfer, and Caroline who hit 4 miles of threshold running.  Schopefer and Mancuso hit 21:10 for around 5:17 per mile, Caroline hit 24:30 for around 6:07 per mile, everyone cooled down for a mile.  Weather was in the 50’s with a light steady rain but no wind. Total mileage around 5-7 mi.