Week of 4/12/10

Sunday 4/18/10- kids met at the towpath for a captain’s practice.  ran between 6 and 13 miles. Penn group hit 75-80 min and strides.

Saturday 4/17/10-mercer cnty relays kids ran a variety of races- we were very well represented- great work kids.

Friday 4/16/10- kids either hit pre meet or 2 miles up followed by 3*800 with full rest and 8x 100m fast with drills between.  2 laps down.  Good day.

Thursday 4/15/10- those who competed yesterday  hit 40-50 minutes, a mom, and 8 x 200m strides. Many competed in the most productive sub5alalooza ever.  90 percent of guys pr’d- Hwang (4:54), Prathik (4:56), and Sameer (4:59)  get under with several near misses!!!!

Wednesday 4/14/10- duel vs Princeton or pre meet. Some great performances in the meet- several new sub 5! Many prs!!! You guys n gals did great!!!

Tuesday 4/13/10- kids hit a timed run after a quick team meeting and a mile of madness for between 6-8 miles.

Monday 4/12/10- kids warmed up to Conover Park, from here most did 6 fast 400’s on a 3:30 cycle on grass- kids looked great, 2. 5 miles home and 8 strides after for around 7.5 on the day.  Mancuso, Wallack,  and Schoefs hit 5 miles threshold run followed by a cooldown with Caroline.