Week of 3/29/10-

Saturday 4/3/10- most guys and gals hit 9 miles of trail running before hitiing miles reps with very short rest (30 sec or less).  Dan (the man ) Sheldon led all with 5 reps all in the 5:40 range- Mancuso and Margiotta hit 14 steady miles.  Shelby led the ladies with 9 miles and 3 reps for 12.5 on the day. Everyone hit 8 strides after.  Great day.

Friday 4/2/10-most everyone got in oyo- a few got in an oyo workout at South.  Mancuso, Kellner, and Schmitty got in 20 minutes up, stretch drill strides (8) before hitting 3x 50% of goal distance at 100% GP, 400m jog between each rep. Macaluso hit 2:03/2:04/2:04.  Caroline hit 5:25/5:30/5:34, Scmitty hit 60/60/60. Margiotta hit 5 miles in 28 n change for his threshold.  Everyone cooled down 2 laps and 8 strides. Great day= crystal clear weather, mild wind.

Thursday 4/1/10- 3-4 miles up- quick stretch, and either progressive run or distance run followed by a mile of madness and 8 strides.  Top ladies and dudes got in 9.6 plus MOM and strides for around 11.

Wednesday 3/31/10-power most did 2 mi wu followed by stretch drills and 8 strides, 10x 200 with speed drills in between (over-unders/ overhead lunges and coes/ plyos) top guys lit it up. 20 min cooldown.

Tuesday 3/30/10-Happppeeeeee Passover!!!!!!!!

Monday 3/29/10-most everyone did their last week of bulk 400’s.  Sheldon Karthik and Oconnell hit 25x 400m on a 2:10 cycle.  Ladies were led by Shelby who hit 18x 400m on a 2:20 cycle. Penn crowd hit 400 reps on a 2:00 (dudes)- 2:10 cycle (Caroline).  Mancuso hit 12x400m in 70ish, quickly put on spikes (in 60 sec. or less) and roped a 2:00 800m.  Schmitty hit 10x 400m and 58, and Margiotta hit 12*400 and 1600m.  Caroline hit her 12x 400 before hitting 1600m in 5:26.   Great day- dodged weather.