Week of 3/15/10

Sunday 3/21/10-off or oyo to reach mileage goals.

Saturday 3/20/10-long run followed by reps on the mile circuit at threshold.  Sheldon led all with 11 miles and 3 miles all in the 5:40’s with 8 strides for 14.5 on the day.  Caroline led the ladies with 10 and 3 reps 8 strides for 13.5.  Good day- awesome weather- tow path in rough shape but good to be back.

Friday 3/19/10-distanbce run of 4-7 miles plus a mile of madness and core.

Thursday 3/18/10-for most of us it was a power day, 3×300, 7x 150 same drills between each.  cooldown of 2 laps and 8 strides.

Wednesday 3/17/10- those who did the workout yesterday and aren’t  going on the senior trip did about 50 minutes followed by a mile of madness and 500 reps of core. Seniors hit 20 minutes up followed by drills and strides (8) before hitting 3x 300m  and 7x 150 FAST.  Interspersed between each rep was overunders. 2 laps and 8 strides coolie.

Tuesday 3/16/10- 2 mile warmie (13+ stretchie+ drillie+ 8 stridies) – 16-22x 400 on same cycle as last week.  Mancuso led all with an avg of 69 over 22 400’s (2:10 cycle).  Great day.  Awesome weather!!!! Caroline led the ladies with around 16x 400. cooldown of 1 mile (2 laps + 8 barefoot srides). Up t o 8.5 on the day.


Monday 3/15/10-long run followed by threshold miles.  The longest group hit 75 minutes and 4x mile in around 5:35 with 20 sec or so recovery between each. 4 strides after.  Washington Seminar group hit a 13 minute warmup, stretch, drills, strides before hitting between 16 (ladies)- 20 (dudes) x 400m.