Week of 3/8/10




Saturday 3/13/10-

Friday 3/12/10-

Thursday 3/11/10-kids all wrmed up to Conover Park (2.5 mi) from their kids broke up into groups.  Top ladies ran 5 miles at steady state, 2 miles at threshold and a mile of madness for 10.2 on the day.  Top dogs did an extra threshold mile for 11.2.  NYC crowd hit premeet.

Wednesday 3/10/10- 20 minute warmup followed by drills stetchin and strides (8).  Kids worked on power. 2x 300m, and 6x 150m with drills in between each rep.  Even drills kids hit over unders and coes, odd drills kids hit plyo hops and overhead lunges.  good day.  Boosh and the Riffs hit their tempo in 17:20-40. 2 laps down and 500 reps of core.  total mileage around 5 miles. NYC crowd hit easy 150’s at RP (4-6)

Tuesday 3/9/10-NYC crowd hit about 60 minutes and 8 strides.  Everyone else hit between 2-3 miles up followed by 2-3 miles of progressive running back.  Margiotta led the top dogs back in 16:59 for 3 miles.  Everyone hit a mileof madness (1600m stopping every 100m for a drill), burpees (15), Jumpinjacks (30), mountain climbers (30), and Pooshups (15).  Riffs and Boooosh got in their 400’s (20) on a 2:10 cycle- avg’s 72-74 with a 67 last lap.  Good quality day. 5-7 miles

Monday 3/8/10-most everyone hit a two mile warm-up of 13 minutes, stretching, drills, and strides.  Afterwhich we got into groups for our 400’s.  Guys hit from between 6-20 x 400 followed by a one mile cooldown.  Girls maxed out at 15.  cycles were from 2:10 (top dudes) to 2:40 (top ladies).  Cooldown was 2 laps and 8x 100m.  NYC group hit a 20 minute warm-up followed by a fast 600m (1:24-7) followed by 10 minutes and 10x 100m FAST.   Good day. Good weather- about 60 degrees with a breeze. 7-8 miles