Week of 3/1/10

Sunday 3/7/10-easy oyo or off.

Saturday 3/6/10-mixture of aerobic run and threshold.  Beginers hit 3 miles and one mile at threshold.  Most experienced group hit 10 miles plus 3 miles at thresh.  NYC group hit 7. 2 miles followed by three miles at threshold.  Mancuso led all with < 5:20/ mile over 12 laps.  Everyone hit 400m jog and 12 strides for their cooldown.

Friday 3/5/10-Most folks hit Todd Smith’s fitness extravaganza before heading out for an easy run. NYC group hit conover at 5:45/ mile followed by strides.

Thursday 3/4/10-warm-up followed by power.  Groups hit 10x 200 with circuits in between altyernating between over-unders and coes(40) with plyo hurdles and overhead lunges over 20 yards.  1 mile active coolie.  NYC group hit 60% of Goal distance (Mancuso hit 1000m in 2:38, Schoepfer hit 700m at 1:45-7, Wallack and Schmitty hit 1:16 for 500, and AJ hit 29 for 250, 2 laps easy,  followed by 6×300 in 45,44,43,42,41,40 with a 100m jog rest.  AJ hit repeat 200’s.  Great day- pretty good weather, backstretch very windy.

Wednesday 3/3/10-easy run and core

Tuesday 3/2/10-warm-up , repeat 400’s for developmental group.  Groups managed from 12-20 x 400 on a 2:20-2:30 cycle.  NYC group performed 2x 50% distance of Goal @ goal pace with a 60 seconds interval between each.  Afterwards 6-8 150’s were done at goal pace, coolie.

Monday 3/1/10-2.5 mile warmie, quick stretch, 5 mile progressive run, followed by a little coolie.