Week of 3/29/10-

Saturday 4/3/10- most guys and gals hit 9 miles of trail running before hitiing miles reps with very short rest (30 sec or less).  Dan (the man ) Sheldon led all with 5 reps all in the 5:40 range- Mancuso and Margiotta hit 14 steady miles.  Shelby led the ladies with 9 miles and 3 reps for 12.5 on the day. Everyone hit 8 strides after.  Great day.

Friday 4/2/10-most everyone got in oyo- a few got in an oyo workout at South.  Mancuso, Kellner, and Schmitty got in 20 minutes up, stretch drill strides (8) before hitting 3x 50% of goal distance at 100% GP, 400m jog between each rep. Macaluso hit 2:03/2:04/2:04.  Caroline hit 5:25/5:30/5:34, Scmitty hit 60/60/60. Margiotta hit 5 miles in 28 n change for his threshold.  Everyone cooled down 2 laps and 8 strides. Great day= crystal clear weather, mild wind.

Thursday 4/1/10- 3-4 miles up- quick stretch, and either progressive run or distance run followed by a mile of madness and 8 strides.  Top ladies and dudes got in 9.6 plus MOM and strides for around 11.

Wednesday 3/31/10-power most did 2 mi wu followed by stretch drills and 8 strides, 10x 200 with speed drills in between (over-unders/ overhead lunges and coes/ plyos) top guys lit it up. 20 min cooldown.

Tuesday 3/30/10-Happppeeeeee Passover!!!!!!!!

Monday 3/29/10-most everyone did their last week of bulk 400’s.  Sheldon Karthik and Oconnell hit 25x 400m on a 2:10 cycle.  Ladies were led by Shelby who hit 18x 400m on a 2:20 cycle. Penn crowd hit 400 reps on a 2:00 (dudes)- 2:10 cycle (Caroline).  Mancuso hit 12x400m in 70ish, quickly put on spikes (in 60 sec. or less) and roped a 2:00 800m.  Schmitty hit 10x 400m and 58, and Margiotta hit 12*400 and 1600m.  Caroline hit her 12x 400 before hitting 1600m in 5:26.   Great day- dodged weather.

Break Schedule

Monday 3/29/10-practice at 8:00 a.m HSS, 11:00 am for Penn group at HSS.

Tuesday 3/30/10- oyo- Passover

Wednesday 3/31/10-Practice after school.  3:10 p.m. POWER- BRING SPIKES!!

Thursday 4/1/10-practice at HSS 8:00 a.m. Progressive run.

Friday 4/2/10-oyo Good Friday

Saturday 4/3/10-Practice at Turning Basin Park 8:00 a.m. Long run and threshold training.

Sunday 4/4/10-off or OYO Easter Sunday.

Week of 3/22/10-

Monday 3/22/10- 400 reps. Kids warmed up 13 minutes stretched then got right into the workout to minimize time outside.  top group hit 25 x 400 on a 2:10 cycle, avg time around 70.  Everyone in trainers.  cooldown of 2 laps and 8 stridies.

Tuesday 3/23/10 – Timed run . Scheduled Baby Wayton extraction.

Wednesday 3/24/10  -Power.  Mrs. Wayton recovery day.

Thursday 3/25/10  – Timed run.  Mrs. Wayton light housecleaning

Friday 3/26/10– recovery day.  Mrs. Wayton- returns to full chore load. 

Saturday 3/27/10-8:00 am Turning Basin Park. 

Sunday 3/28/10- off or oyo to reach mileage goals.

Week of 3/15/10

Sunday 3/21/10-off or oyo to reach mileage goals.

Saturday 3/20/10-long run followed by reps on the mile circuit at threshold.  Sheldon led all with 11 miles and 3 miles all in the 5:40’s with 8 strides for 14.5 on the day.  Caroline led the ladies with 10 and 3 reps 8 strides for 13.5.  Good day- awesome weather- tow path in rough shape but good to be back.

Friday 3/19/10-distanbce run of 4-7 miles plus a mile of madness and core.

Thursday 3/18/10-for most of us it was a power day, 3×300, 7x 150 same drills between each.  cooldown of 2 laps and 8 strides.

Wednesday 3/17/10- those who did the workout yesterday and aren’t  going on the senior trip did about 50 minutes followed by a mile of madness and 500 reps of core. Seniors hit 20 minutes up followed by drills and strides (8) before hitting 3x 300m  and 7x 150 FAST.  Interspersed between each rep was overunders. 2 laps and 8 strides coolie.

Tuesday 3/16/10- 2 mile warmie (13+ stretchie+ drillie+ 8 stridies) – 16-22x 400 on same cycle as last week.  Mancuso led all with an avg of 69 over 22 400’s (2:10 cycle).  Great day.  Awesome weather!!!! Caroline led the ladies with around 16x 400. cooldown of 1 mile (2 laps + 8 barefoot srides). Up t o 8.5 on the day.


Monday 3/15/10-long run followed by threshold miles.  The longest group hit 75 minutes and 4x mile in around 5:35 with 20 sec or so recovery between each. 4 strides after.  Washington Seminar group hit a 13 minute warmup, stretch, drills, strides before hitting between 16 (ladies)- 20 (dudes) x 400m.

Week of 3/8/10




Saturday 3/13/10-

Friday 3/12/10-

Thursday 3/11/10-kids all wrmed up to Conover Park (2.5 mi) from their kids broke up into groups.  Top ladies ran 5 miles at steady state, 2 miles at threshold and a mile of madness for 10.2 on the day.  Top dogs did an extra threshold mile for 11.2.  NYC crowd hit premeet.

Wednesday 3/10/10- 20 minute warmup followed by drills stetchin and strides (8).  Kids worked on power. 2x 300m, and 6x 150m with drills in between each rep.  Even drills kids hit over unders and coes, odd drills kids hit plyo hops and overhead lunges.  good day.  Boosh and the Riffs hit their tempo in 17:20-40. 2 laps down and 500 reps of core.  total mileage around 5 miles. NYC crowd hit easy 150’s at RP (4-6)

Tuesday 3/9/10-NYC crowd hit about 60 minutes and 8 strides.  Everyone else hit between 2-3 miles up followed by 2-3 miles of progressive running back.  Margiotta led the top dogs back in 16:59 for 3 miles.  Everyone hit a mileof madness (1600m stopping every 100m for a drill), burpees (15), Jumpinjacks (30), mountain climbers (30), and Pooshups (15).  Riffs and Boooosh got in their 400’s (20) on a 2:10 cycle- avg’s 72-74 with a 67 last lap.  Good quality day. 5-7 miles

Monday 3/8/10-most everyone hit a two mile warm-up of 13 minutes, stretching, drills, and strides.  Afterwhich we got into groups for our 400’s.  Guys hit from between 6-20 x 400 followed by a one mile cooldown.  Girls maxed out at 15.  cycles were from 2:10 (top dudes) to 2:40 (top ladies).  Cooldown was 2 laps and 8x 100m.  NYC group hit a 20 minute warm-up followed by a fast 600m (1:24-7) followed by 10 minutes and 10x 100m FAST.   Good day. Good weather- about 60 degrees with a breeze. 7-8 miles

Week of 3/1/10

Sunday 3/7/10-easy oyo or off.

Saturday 3/6/10-mixture of aerobic run and threshold.  Beginers hit 3 miles and one mile at threshold.  Most experienced group hit 10 miles plus 3 miles at thresh.  NYC group hit 7. 2 miles followed by three miles at threshold.  Mancuso led all with < 5:20/ mile over 12 laps.  Everyone hit 400m jog and 12 strides for their cooldown.

Friday 3/5/10-Most folks hit Todd Smith’s fitness extravaganza before heading out for an easy run. NYC group hit conover at 5:45/ mile followed by strides.

Thursday 3/4/10-warm-up followed by power.  Groups hit 10x 200 with circuits in between altyernating between over-unders and coes(40) with plyo hurdles and overhead lunges over 20 yards.  1 mile active coolie.  NYC group hit 60% of Goal distance (Mancuso hit 1000m in 2:38, Schoepfer hit 700m at 1:45-7, Wallack and Schmitty hit 1:16 for 500, and AJ hit 29 for 250, 2 laps easy,  followed by 6×300 in 45,44,43,42,41,40 with a 100m jog rest.  AJ hit repeat 200’s.  Great day- pretty good weather, backstretch very windy.

Wednesday 3/3/10-easy run and core

Tuesday 3/2/10-warm-up , repeat 400’s for developmental group.  Groups managed from 12-20 x 400 on a 2:20-2:30 cycle.  NYC group performed 2x 50% distance of Goal @ goal pace with a 60 seconds interval between each.  Afterwards 6-8 150’s were done at goal pace, coolie.

Monday 3/1/10-2.5 mile warmie, quick stretch, 5 mile progressive run, followed by a little coolie.