Week of 2/16/10

Sunday 2/21/10- off or recovery

Saturday 2/20/10-  If not running sectionals everyoen should get in a 60-90 minute run depending on your experience and motivation.  Mancuso and Kellner win state titles~!!!!!!! Margiotta grabs wildcard spot!!!!!

Friday 2/19/10-premeet

Thursday 2/18/10-long warmie followed by reps of 200m at race pace on Hendrickson rd.

Wednesday 2/17/10-distance run of 50 minutes followed by strides.

Tuesday 2/16/10- 2.5 -4 miles up, quick stretch, 4 miles at threshold, followed by 4-8 x 400m on a 2:00 (dudes)-2:15 (ladies) cycle. short 800m cooldown.  No track so we had to get over to Hendreickson rd. for the 400’s. Wallack, Shelby and May  got in 4, Schoepfs got in 6, Caroline7 and Max and Sheldon 8. Some got in a morning run for around 8.5-13 on the day.

Monday 2/15/10-easy recovery run, some got in 2 runs- strides after. Those running at Tuesdays peddie meet got in a pre meet jog.