Week of 2/8/10

Sunday 2/14/10-Stephen Neagu’s 2 year anniversary…oh yeah sectionals as well- Mancuso and Kellner take titles, Guys go 1-2 in 1600.  Doogie gets out with a 4:30!!!Max moves on as well as May and Shelby!!!  Sheldon fishes out a 10:02!!!! Mancuso and Scheopfs come back with 800’s and 4×4.  Good day- we were very well represented!!!

Saturday 2/13/10-kids got out for either pre meet or an intermediate run of 45 minutes and a mile of strides.

Friday 2/12/10-2.5 miles up to Conover, and either a little fartlek of 30 second bursts or a fast 4 mile run- Karthik, Albert, and Glenn hit just about 6 min pace for 4 miles. (Karthik was uinder 24). 1 mile cooldown followed by 10 strides made about 8 for the day.

Thursday 2/11/10-easy in in the snow

Wednesday 2/10/10-easy in in the snow

Tuesday 2/9/10-2 miles up, quick stretch drils and strides followed by repeats on the bike trail (snow everywhere).  Developmentals did between 10-18 400’s on a 2:30 cycle.  Those running this weekend split into groups.  Milers hit 3*600 on a 2:30 cycle followed by 6x 400 on a 2 minute cycle followed by 6×200 fast.  800 group hit 3×400 followed by 8x 200 fast.  3200 group hit 5×600 followed by fast 200’s (6).  Everyone hit a full mile cooldown except the 3200 group who hit 2 down. Good day considering- everyone worked incredibly well together.

Monday 2/8/10-everyone warmed up 3 miles before hitting 3-6 mile reps at threshold with 125 meter jog between each.  1 mile cooldown for all.  Mancuso and Scheopfer led all with between 517-5:25 avg.  Good day.