Macaluso sets a meet record in the Group 3 1600m making it a clean sweep of the distance records for the Pirates!!!!! Schoepfer guts through illness to PR in 4:19!!!!!!!!! Video HERE




Caroline kicks hard to win G3 state title!!!!!! Video HERE


Margiotta gets to MOC on Wildcard with adjusted 9:43!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys n Gals, I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your performances. Someday people are going to look back at what you’re doing and come to a realization that on the cul-de-sacs of Central Jersey in an unremarkable setting some very remarkable things occurred. This is because of the choices you’ve made. I must’ve heard a hundred times from coaches yesterday “we just haven’t been able to train”. Immediately I thought of you kids running under the power lines or hammering a Conover. You’ve made a great season by persevering when others decided not to. I hope you all see the link between hard work and realization of personal and team potential. I’m so proud of you for the work you’ve put in, the decisions you’ll make today, and the promise you’ll achieve tomorrow!




Week of 2/22/10

Monday 2/22/10-those running MOC and Easterns hit between 60-70 minutes and strides. Those in the developmental group hit 2 miles up, quick stretch, and between 12-20X 400m on a 2:30 cycle (boys) – 3:00 cycle (ladies).? 1 mile cooldown.? Had to use the bike path as the track is still not cleared.

Week of 2/16/10

Sunday 2/21/10- off or recovery

Saturday 2/20/10-  If not running sectionals everyoen should get in a 60-90 minute run depending on your experience and motivation.  Mancuso and Kellner win state titles~!!!!!!! Margiotta grabs wildcard spot!!!!!

Friday 2/19/10-premeet

Thursday 2/18/10-long warmie followed by reps of 200m at race pace on Hendrickson rd.

Wednesday 2/17/10-distance run of 50 minutes followed by strides.

Tuesday 2/16/10- 2.5 -4 miles up, quick stretch, 4 miles at threshold, followed by 4-8 x 400m on a 2:00 (dudes)-2:15 (ladies) cycle. short 800m cooldown.  No track so we had to get over to Hendreickson rd. for the 400’s. Wallack, Shelby and May  got in 4, Schoepfs got in 6, Caroline7 and Max and Sheldon 8. Some got in a morning run for around 8.5-13 on the day.

Monday 2/15/10-easy recovery run, some got in 2 runs- strides after. Those running at Tuesdays peddie meet got in a pre meet jog.

Week of 2/8/10

Sunday 2/14/10-Stephen Neagu’s 2 year anniversary…oh yeah sectionals as well- Mancuso and Kellner take titles, Guys go 1-2 in 1600.  Doogie gets out with a 4:30!!!Max moves on as well as May and Shelby!!!  Sheldon fishes out a 10:02!!!! Mancuso and Scheopfs come back with 800’s and 4×4.  Good day- we were very well represented!!!

Saturday 2/13/10-kids got out for either pre meet or an intermediate run of 45 minutes and a mile of strides.

Friday 2/12/10-2.5 miles up to Conover, and either a little fartlek of 30 second bursts or a fast 4 mile run- Karthik, Albert, and Glenn hit just about 6 min pace for 4 miles. (Karthik was uinder 24). 1 mile cooldown followed by 10 strides made about 8 for the day.

Thursday 2/11/10-easy in in the snow

Wednesday 2/10/10-easy in in the snow

Tuesday 2/9/10-2 miles up, quick stretch drils and strides followed by repeats on the bike trail (snow everywhere).  Developmentals did between 10-18 400’s on a 2:30 cycle.  Those running this weekend split into groups.  Milers hit 3*600 on a 2:30 cycle followed by 6x 400 on a 2 minute cycle followed by 6×200 fast.  800 group hit 3×400 followed by 8x 200 fast.  3200 group hit 5×600 followed by fast 200’s (6).  Everyone hit a full mile cooldown except the 3200 group who hit 2 down. Good day considering- everyone worked incredibly well together.

Monday 2/8/10-everyone warmed up 3 miles before hitting 3-6 mile reps at threshold with 125 meter jog between each.  1 mile cooldown for all.  Mancuso and Scheopfer led all with between 517-5:25 avg.  Good day.

Week of 2/1/10

Friday 2/5/10-most folks did a progressive run from Conover.  Kids were led by Karthik and the Riff’s- great efforts.  Sectional crew hit 75% of race distance with 100% pace, followed by a 400 jog and reps of 200m (6-8).  Mancuso hit 3:08-9, Schoepfer a few ticks back- and Wallack worked on his last lap by hittin 2:06 at 800, resting 30 seconds, and blasting a 400m.  MD crew hit 600m hard before coming back and hitting 6 200’s.  Margiotta hit 7:32 with the rest of the guys a few ticks back. Girls splitinto groups, Kaleigh led the md girls in 1:50 (Donnelly in 1:52), Shelby led the milers in around 4:15, and Kellner hit pace for 6 laps.  All finished with 200’s interspersed with hurdle drills.  easy 2 laps down.  Good day. Cold but with very little wind- performances were pretty solid considering the density of the past several days.

Thursday 2/4/10-after warm-up developmental group hits 10x 300 with a 150 flying kick interspersed with hurdle drills, 2 laps down.  Those scheduled to compete Sunday were going to hit spec. during warmup we were notified that meet was moved.  Instead athletes worked in groups and hit interval session in tainers.  Top miler dawgs hit 12x 400 (girls 10) in 66-70 on a 2 minute cycle (girls were on 2:10), top MD dawgs hit 10×200 on 60 second cycle (girls 70).  Cooldown followed.  Longer warmup – most hit between 7-9 on the day.

Wednesday 2/3/10-Mancuso, Margiotta and Schoepfer headed over to the tp for a long run/ threshold.  9 miles followed by 4 miles at threshold- avg’s low 5:30’s and finished with a 5:22.  Good day.  Margiotta got in a morning run for 16 on the day.  MD guys hit 6 miles up followed by 2 miles at threshold and 50% of race distance at Race effort.  2 laps and 8 strides for around 9.5 on the day.  Girls hit the same workout.

Tuesday 2/2/10-those whom competed yesterday hit either steady state or a progressive run of around 5 miles, Schmitty led the way in 28:20.  followed by 12 strides.  Developmentals hit between 11-16 400 repeats with 125 m rest jog.  Some GREAT EFFORTS!!!!!

Monday 2/1/10-easy run and strides for most.  Others ran at counties- got in some great performances!!!!!