Week of 1/25/10

Saturday 1/30/10-towpath- cold as farts- those running sectionals got in a few rythm 200’s on the track.  Towpath crowd got in their usual blend of distance and threshold. top dawgs got in a bout 13

Friday 1/29/10-most guys flew the coup early and got a train to see mancuso run at Millrose- those who didn’t got in a run.

Thursday 1/28/10-quality dustance run.

Wednesday 1/27/10-warm-up followed by 75 percent of goal distance at goal pace, 400 jog and reps at goal.  125 m rest between reps.  Schoepfer avg’d around 62, 800 guys hit their splits at 45.  Cooldown. 

Tuesday 1/26/10-easy warm-up to Conover Park, 2.5 miles.  5 miles progressive run.  Schoepfer led the way in low 27’s, Margiotta, Wallack and Schmittty hit 28 and change.  Shelby hit 34 and change to lead the ladies with May right behind her.

Monday 1//25/10- warm-up followed by sprinting.  Most guys did 9x 200.  Girls did 3 sets of -00/150/100.  Everyone hit hurdle drills between sprints. Mancuso did an nau drill of 600 (1:26 in traffic) followed by 100m sprints.