Week of 1/18/10

Saturday 1/23/10-steady long run over 60-85 minutes followed by 10 strides.

Friday 1/22/10-13-20 minute warm-up- the majority of guys hit 400 reps with 125 rest.  Led by Markan, Hurshal, Sheldon and Karthik who avg’d around 69-71 over 16 reps.  Top dawgs hit their specificity progression of 1k, 30 sec rest 600 or the Bowerman drill of 600/ 200, Mancuso led the miler group at 2:36/ high 1:30’s, Schoepfer right behind. Schmitty hit the 600 in 1:28 or so and cruised home to hit around 2 flat- Maeda right behind.  Very very good day. May led the ladies home in around 3:25/ 2:05 for 5:30. Everyone hit 2 laps down and stretching.

Thursday 1/21/10-kids warmed up 2.5 miles to Connover Park, stretched, then hit a steady state run for the remaining 5 miles.  Top dawgs avg’d 6:12 per mile before finishing with 10 strides and core.  Good day.

Wednesday 1/20/10-either run at Lawrenceville dual, or as Mancuso and Scheopfer did a 20 minute warm-up, stretching, drills, and 8 strides. they hit 900m at GMP (2:21/ 2:22) jogged 400m, and completed 6×300 on a 80 sec. cycle.  They hit theior splits on the 1st 3 before runing into some o2 debt.  They followed this with strides and hurdle drills.  Good day.



Tuesday 1/19/10-kids broke up into two groups after a team meeting and got in between 20-55 minutes of distance and strides. –

Monday 1/18/10- 3 miles warm-up followed by drills and 4 strides.  Afterwards a mixture of threshold training and specificity.  Mancuso and Schoepfer did 5 miles at around 5:30 a mile, jogged 400m and legged off an impressive 2:05.5.  Margiotta did the same 5 miles followed by a mile in 4:55.  Nick and Maeda hit 2 miles at threshold before getting in reps at GP over 400, 300, 200.  Girls broke into the same groups as the boys.  Caroline worked around her knee to get in some good work over various distances. Cooldown around 1200m for just around 9-10 on the day.