Week of 1/11/10

Sunday- off

Saturday 1/16/10-those running yesterday hit between 60-90 minutes, a few of the competitors hit up some tempo miles (2).  The guys hit between 80-90 minutes steady.  Sheldon led the rest with 60 minutes and 5 reps of the mile circuit.   (9) followed by 3-5 repeat miles. Everyone finished with 8 good strides. 9-14.5 on the day.

Friday- PIRATES tear it up at the Gr. 3 Relays!!!

Thursday 1/14/10-those running tommorow at state relays went out for an easy shake out. Those not running performed a progressive run- 2.3 mile warm-up, followed by 5 miles of progressive running finishing with a few easy laps for around 6-8 miles on the day.  Hurshal and Marken led the way in 29 mid with a 6:20 first mile- great job.

Wednesday 1/13/10-varsity hit an easy run of 45-50 followed by form 150’s.  Developmental group hit 10-12 200’s with hurdle drills in between. Good day

Tuesday 1/12/10-20 minute warm-up, 500 (md) or 800 (Milers) @ RP,  MD guys hit around 1:13, Miler hit 2:07/8 – followed by 400 recovery and 6 x 200’s between 28-30 with hurdle drills between each rep.  easy cooldown or 2 laps and 8 strides.

Monday 1/11/10-varsity guys and gals hit a warm-up followed by threshold runs of between 3-4 miles.  Mancuso led the way in 21:52 for 6480m in lane 6 (15 laps).  mile cooldown and a morning run made it about 10 on the day.  Developmental groups hit between 5-6 400’s on a 200m rest cycle- everyone stayed in trainers.  Good day. Core after.