Week of 1/4/2010

Sunday  1/10/10-kids got together in groups and ran between 75 (ladies) and 80 (dudes) minutes. Guys ran a hard last 20 minute and the ladies a hard last 15. 

Saturday 1/9/10-oyo or Hispanic Games. All kids who raced hit a mile- some good efforts- some not so good efforts.  Mancuso led the way with his huge 4:15.55- wowsers.

Friday 1/8/10-specificity or premeet.  Those not running yesterday warmed up and hit some repeat 600’s at goal mile pace before rolling into some fast 150’s with drills in between- colder than heck and snowing. Varsity kids hit pre meet and easy strides.

Thursday 1/7/10-aerobic maintenance and core.  Kids hit a distance run followed by 150’s at GMP.

Wednesday 1/6/10-cvc meet.  Kids worked in and around their events.  Schoepfer and Mancuso both ran two hard 400’s.

Tuesday 1/5/10-aerobic maintenance and core.

Monday 1/4/10-Specificity drill.15 minutes up, 12 strides, 2x 800 @ gmp.  Guys were on a 3 minute cycle and girls were on a 3:30 cycle. Mancuso led the way in 207ish and 2:11ish- bad weather, bad wind- all in all a good day, kids finished with some sprinting.