Saturday 1/2/10-kids met at the tow path for an aerobic run and threshold training.  Girls hit 9 miles of running and two miles of threshold training for 11.  Top dogs hit 10 miles of running and 4 miles of threshold running. Good day in rough conditions!!!

Friday 1/1/10easy running oyo.  Some like Mancuso and Margiotta got in some fist pumpin tempo running at the Hamilton Hangover.


Thursday 12/31/09-get in an hour of easy aerobic running unless you weren’t at yesterday’s hard practice! In that case you should run at full tilt for 4 minutes rest jog for 7 minutes and run 2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy for a total of 30 minutes.  Proper warm-up and cooldown should be performed!

Wednesday 12/30/09-20 min. warm-up followed by drills and strides (8) 800-1000m at GMP, 2 laps easy and a ladder of 200, 150, 100×3 with hurdle drills between, easy cooldown. Good day. Girls hit an 800, Shelby and Kaleigh led the way in 2:46-7. Mancuso led the way for the dudes hitting 1k in 2:38point and  averaging 35, 28, 19.5 for his 250-200-150’s.

Tuesday 12/29/09-3 mile warm-up to Southfield rd. 2-3 minutes of stretching and 3- 4 miles of progressively harder running- made progressively even harder because of wind on way back.  Varsity guys hit 4 laps around the track.  500 reps of core after. 6.2-7.3 miles total. Good day.

Monday 12/28/09-25 minute warm-up, drills, strides (8), 3x 600 at goal mile pace, Mancuso averaged 1:35 or so.  Good day after a tough last several days.  Kids were on a 4:30 cycle. Cooldown was a mile of strides n straights.  Total mileage for the workout was around 6 miles.