Week of 12/21/09

Sunday 12/27/ 09- 90 min run

Saturday 12/26/09-kids got in 2 miles up- 4-6 miles of threshold/ tempo running followed by a cooldown. Sam led the way in 27:58 for 5 miles, – 2 miles down.  Good day- rainy a little windy and 45 out.

Friday 12/25/09-x-mas – easy running oyo

Thursday 12/24/09-warm-up for 3.3 miles followed by quick stretching followed by threshold runs of a mile followed by a cooldown of around a mile.  Varsity got in 5 miles, varsity girls and middle distance guys got in 4 reps, total miles on the day around 8.5-9.5.

Wednesday 12/23/09-same as Monday with 8 strides.

Tuesday 12/22/09-meet at Princeton, kids got between 800 and 1600 meters of specificity.

Monday 12/21/09-distance run of between 50-60 minutes.