Week of 12/14/09-

Thursday 12/17/09-

Wednesday 12/16/09- kids run around 20 minutes for a warm-up , 8 strides and 3 sets of 300, 200, 100 m with hurdle drills between, short cooldown follwing.

Tuesday 12/15/09-kids warmed up to Conover Parl before running between 3- 5 miles before running a mile of strides and straights. 6-8.3 miles on the day.

Monday 12/14/09-kids warmed up for 13 minutes before hitting their drills and 8 strides. Groups met for specificity.  Milers hit reps of 550 meters on a 4:30 cycle. Mancuso and Schoepfer avg’d 1:26-7 (4:10).  MD guys hit 8x 300 @ 45-46 on a strict 3:00 cycle.  Girls split into the same groups- Shelby avg’d around 1:54 fgor the 550’s.  Good day.  Cooldown of 800m plus 4 strides.