Week of 12/9/09

Saturday 12/12/09-long run of between 60-85 mi nutes followed by a mile of threshold running and 8 strides for between 10-14 miles.

Friday 12/11/09-13 minutes up- drills/ strides/ 10x 150m with walk back rest and easy cooldown.

Thursday – 12/10/09-easy run and group core.

Wednesda/y/ 12/9/09-kids did a 30 minute warmup before heading to /he rack for some track work.  Varsity guys hit various straight runs of specificity as the weather was surprisingly great! Mancuso and Schpfer led the milers through 900 meters in  around 2:22.  Niock and Wallack led the md guys through 500 meters in 1:11-12.  Good day, each group followed with 800-1200 meters worth of easy intervals before cooling down.

Tuesday 12/8/09-progressive run, one group did 2.5 miles up to Conover Park and 2.5 miles back progressively faster, Shelby led the ladies in around 16:50ish.  Varsity guys ran the 2.5 miles up before hitting the remainder of the 7.3 mile Conover progressivly faster.

Monday 12/7/09-kids warmed up before completing specificity.  Miler group hit 4x 500 @ gmp on a 4:30 cycle.  Schoepfer and Mancuso led the way hitting every split under 80 for 2000 meters under 4:15 pace.  MD group hit 300’s on a 3 minute cycle, first 4 were under 44 and last two were just over.