Week of 11/30/09

Saturday 12/5/09-long run of between 5-12 miles followed by 8 strides.  Good day.

Friday 12/4/09-kids warmed up between 2 and 3 miles before turning around and running a progressive run followed by a mile cd.  Varsity guys and gals hit 7 miles.
 Thursday 12/3/09-2-3 miles up, 50% of race distance at goal pace.  Two groups, 800 ran 400m.  milers hit 800.  Schoepfer led the way in 2:07, Doogie hit 56.5.  Girls were led by May Chang in 2:52.  following specificity runners hit 10x 150 with hurdle drills between each rep, short cooldown after.

Wednesday 12/2/09-easy distance run of between 4.3- 8 miles followed by 12 strides.

Tuesday 12/1/09-team performed an out and back run finishing progressively harder. 2.5 miles up to Conover Park, stretch drills and 4 strides and then 2.5 mile back at a solid pave before colling down at the hs.  Good day.

Monday 11/30/09-team does a proper warm-up followed by reps of 200 or 400 at GMP.  Scheopfer leads the way in 60/61/63/65 with a 125m jog rest across the track, short cooldown followed by team core.