Week of 11/09/09-

Sunday 11/15/09-Big Reggie Waytons burfday- recovery run of 50 (Caroline) to 60 (dudes) minute followed by 12 strides.

Saturday 11/14/09-CAROLINE DOES IT! Soph becomes the 3rd group champion in a row for the PIRATES!! Mancuso improves his number 2 all time performance and Scheopfs finishes a strong 10th!

Friday 11/13/09-light run and strides

Thursday 11/12/09-light run followed by strides

Wednesday 11/11/09-Light run and strides.

Tuesday 11/10/09-Club 7  got in a 55 minute run and 4 corners.  Varsity guys hit a 4 mile warm-up, followed by 2 miles at threshold followed by a few 800’s (3) on a 4 minute cycle. Coooldown after

Monday 11/9/09-Varsity went to the tow path and completed 10-11 miles of running plus 8 strides. Club 7 completed a workout of 3 miles, 6×800 on a 4 minute cycle, one mile or so down and stretching. Doogy led the way in around 2:24-5.  Good day- perfect weather.