Week of 11/2/09

Sunday 11/8/09-9 miles of recovery running followed by strides.

Saturday 11/7/09-2 miles up, 3 miles rcae, 2 miles down JV did a warm-up followed by 2 on 2 off for 32 minutes.

Friday 11/6/09-light run

Thursday 11/5/09-9 miles of running

Wednesday 11/4/09-long warm-up, easy 200’s and cooldown.

Tuesday 11/3/09-light run and strides.

Monday 11/2/09-3 miles warm-up to Community Park, 8 strides, 7x 800 on a 4 (duides)- 5 (ladies) minute cycle. 1 mile coodlwon for around 7.5 on the day.  JV completed a 50 minute run and 10 strides.  Good day. Mancuso led the way between 2:20-225, Caroline led the way for the ladies in around 2:50ish.