Week of 10/19/09


Sunday 10/25/09-OYO recovery, off.  A few seniors did the workout from Saturday. 

Saturday 10/24/09-3 miles up followed by stretching drills and strides.  Kids split into groups and hit 400 repeats on a strict rest.  Varsity guys and Caroline hit 6×400 on a 2 minute cycle, 400 rest, 6x 400 on a 1:45 cycle.  Schoepfer led the way at 65-68.  Mancuso later hit 6x 400 on a 1:45 cycle, then 6x 400 on a strict 1:30 cycle.  Varsity girl were 2:40 for the 1st 6 followed by 2:30.  Good day- 10 minutes easy jog cooldown followed by team stretch. 

Friday 10/23/09-easy distance run followed by strifdes and core. 65-80 minutes.  Schoepfer Mancuso Shelby and Caroline headed over to the towpath for an 80 minute run and strides.

Thursday 10/22/09-kids warmed up for 3.5 (8 strides)  miles followed by 5k of specificity followed by one mile of cooldown (2 laps and 8 strides). 7.5 miles of running.

Wednesday 10/21/09-most guys did a longish run followed by a mile or two of threshold training and 12 strides. 7.2 miles of running for the varsity guys followed by 2 milesof thresholdand twelve  strides for the varsity for ten on the day.

Tuesday 10/20/09-dual vs North,large cooldown following.

Monday 10/19/09-premeet.