Week of 10/12/09

Friday 10/16/09-kids warmed up , hit a few reps of hard running, and ran 3 miles for 7-8 total.  A few guys hit 3 miles up followe by 6x mile with 1 minute rest. 400 jog and 12 strides cooldown for 10 miles. 

Thursday 10/15/09-horrible weather out- kids met in the new gym and hit 3x 23 minutes stopping for stetching and drills in between sets. we’ll call it 9 miles for the varsity dudes.

Wednesday 10/14/09-kids got in between 7-11 miles of distance.  Varsity guys hit 5 miles up followed by 5 miles of hardish running on the track between 5:17-5:50 pace, cooldown of 400m jog and 12 strides. Core after.

Tuesday 10/13/09-2 miles up- drills strides, 5 k race followed by 20-30 min and 20 strides. Girls finished with 15 and 15. 9-10 miles.

Monday 10/12/09-most guys and gals did an easy run in prep for tomorrow’s duel meet.  A few of the varsity guys got in a specific workout.  Schoepfs. H/rshal, Max, Schmitty got in a 2 mile warm-up followed by 8 strides, then hit 2x 400 concentrating on getting out properly, Schoepfer led the way in 64,66.  Then the guys hit 2400 at GP, Schoepfer led the way in 7:25, then the guys worked on closing the door, Schoepfer again led the way over 800m in 2:07 (closing in 60), short cooldown.  Mancuso did a variation of the same workout.  After two up and 8 strides Mancuso hit a 400 in 64 (125 rest), 400 in 66 (125 rest) 3200 in 9:35 (125 rest), 800 in 2:11 (71/ 60), short cooldown. You’re all ready.