Week of 9/28/09

Friday 10/2/09- kids ran 2 miles up followed by drills and strides (8).  Broke into groups nad hit between 8-16 400’s.  Group A hit 16 400’s on a 2:30 cycle- 4 minute break following 8th rep. Group B hit 12 on a 3 minute cycle and Group C hit 8 on a 3 minute cycle. Group A’s leaders hit 68,71,72,72,69,75,72,75,76,75,73,74,76,76,76,72. Group B hit 80,75,76,83,83,85,84,80,81,81,81,68.  Group C hit 93,81,85,86,90,93,93,82,82.  Cooldown was 400jog followed by 12 100m strides. Group A gets 7.5 on the day.

Thursday 10/1/09-everyone ran around 50 minutes with 10 strides.  Those not racing on Saturday did a mile of madness. Good day- good weather. 

Wednesday 9/30/09-those who ran the workout yesterday hit 6 miles plus a 400 jog and 12- strides.  Varsity guys warmed up 4 miles and hit 4 miles of threshold work.  Mancuso led the way in 10:41/10:38- less than 60 seconds between each for a 4 mile total of 21:19. 400 jog and 12 strides.  Ladies did 3 up followed by 3 miles of threshold with same cooldown. Varsity guys 9 for the day. Gals 7.

Tuesday  9/29/09-guys and gals who did a workout yesterday did 50 minutes followed by threshold miles, 400 jog and 12 strides.  Guys did 7 miles followed by 2×1600 in 5:30 followed by 5 and 5 for around 10 on the day.  Those who didnd’t do the workout ysterday headed over to the park after a three mile warm-up for 5x 1390m.  The Riff’s led the way hitting all of them under 5.  Cooldown and core.  Good day. Mancuso and Schoepfer did an adjusted workout from yesterday- after a 5 mile warm-up, drills and strides they hit 2400m in 6:58 (SM) and 7:11 (bs) before hitting some 300’s (5)- Good day- very windy on the track made the workout even more impressive.
Monday 9/28/09-guys warmed up for 4 miles followed by stretchin, drillin’ and strides (8).  2800m at 5k gp followed by 8 x 300 on a 2 minute cycle. 10 minute jog followed by 10 barefoot strides.  Girls did the same except for a 25 min warm-up and one less 300. Total 8-9 miles.