Week of 9/21/09

Sunday 9/27/09-running oyo to reach mileage goals or off.

Saturday 9/26/09-varsity guys ran 7.5 miles out and hammered back- Mancuso led the varsity out at 6:45 pace and led everyone back with miles of 6:03/5:56/5:54/5:45/5:39/5:32/5:26 before running his last half mile in 2:40- awesome.  Developmental group hit 10 miles before hitting 2-4 mile reps. Girls hit 10 and 2- except for Caroline who ran 6.5 out and 6.5 back progressively faster.  Great day.

Friday 9/25/09-aerobic run (5-8.5 mi)  and 4 corners. Caroline and Katie got in 3 sets of squats at 75 pounds (10 reps) and 2 x5 reps at 85 pounds. Kids got in 500 reps of core following run

Thursday 9/24/09- 3-4.3 miles of warm-up , drills, strides subvarsity guys and gals hit 5x 1390 @ a good effort . Top group hit 1600@ 5k goal, short rest; 2780m @ threshold, short rest, 1600 @ 5k goal.  Guys and gals are tired but fought through.  4.3 up- 6k of work, 1 mile down plus core.

Mancuso led all with splits of 4:45/9:27 (  5:27 pace) 4:54. Total mileage around 9.5-10.

1 mile cooldown.

Wednesday 9/23/09-team meetings and light running, 4 corners and strides.

Tuesday 9/22/09-everyone hit a 2 mile warmup- 5k race, followed by between 15-30 minutes and ten strides. Varsity totals were around 9.5. Overall good day.

Monday 9/21/09-girls went relatively easy save Caroline who hit 7.3 Conover and 10 strides.  Guys hit between 5-9 miles with 10 strides and team core.  Mancuso hit around 12 in Philly.