Week of 9/14/09

Saturday 9/19/09-3 mile warm-up followed by a quick stretch and into it- kids ran between 6-8 miles on the Greenway preserve mile loop.  Mancuso avg’d 5:46 pace for 46:20ish with Schoepher about a minute back- good day- everyone looked strong.  Caroline led the ladies with 46:30 for 7 followed by Cai, Cai, Shelby, and Katie Calder.  active cooldown of 6 and 6.  10-12 on the day.

Friday 9/18/09-kids ran between 5-9 milers followed by a mile of madness (overunder, Burpess, Jumpinjacks, Mountinclimbers).  Kids then went inside and got in 500 reps of core.  Good day- great weather!!!!

Thursday 9/17/09-kids did between 3- 4.3 miles up to Community park to wqork on the 1390 loop- warm-up followed by stretching, drills, and strides (8).  Novice crowd did 4x 1390m loops at a hard effort followed by a 150m grass jog recovery.  Groups A and B performed 1390m @ goal 5k pace, followed by 150m recovery, followed by 2780m @ threshold, followed by 1390 @ goal 5k pace.  Mancuso led the dudes with 4:06/9:17 (with Schoephs in tow) and 4:04 for a total of 17:27 for 5560m.  Caroline led the ladies with 4:58/ 10:35/5:04 for 20:37 for 5560m. Top groups ran between 2-3 miles cooldown.  Caroline and Katie D did 5 sets of squats at 60 pounds.  Great day- maybe best day to date for a hard effort.

Wednesday 9/16/09-quick team meeting followed by easy jogging and core.  Tomorrow we get after it!

Tuesday 9/15/09-kids warmed up 13 minutes, completed drills, strides and strechin- then got in 5k of running before hitting 10 minutes easy and 10 strides. Good day- both teams are 3-0.

Monday 9/14/09-majority of kids did between 40-55 minutes followed by 10 strides and core.  Some varsity guys hit the two path for long run.  Kids hit 10 miles and returned to complete 5 miles at a faster clip.  Schoepfer led the way in 6:15, and 4 in the 5:55 area (15 total in 1:37). Caroline led the ladies with 9 miles@ 68 minutes  followed by 4 repeat miles @ 628-6:44 for 14 miles in under 95 minutes!.