Week of 9/7/09

Monday 9/7/09-labor day- oyo or off.

Tuesday 9/8/09-some varsity and upperclassmen hit a long run of between 15 (dudes) and 12-13 (……ladies).  Everyone else met at the school and warmed up to Community Park before hitting 3-4 mile repeats at an honest effort.

Wednesday 9/9/09-those who completed a hard effort yesterday did 6 miles plus a mile of madness at the park.  Those who went long yesterday hit 4 miles up, 5x 1mile descending from steady state to just faster than threshold.  Mancuso led the way at 5:40/ 5:30/ 5:25/5:22/5:10.  Great group through 4.  Awesome day.  Caroline led the ladies through 4 in 6:20 and down.  Great day- some real gutsy performances.

Thursday 9/10/09-kids hit easy mileage followed by a mile of madness and some core.

Friday 9/11/09-pre meet God Bless America.

Saturday 9/12/09-Cherokee Challenge- great day. 

Sunday 9/13/09-kids hit oyo recovery run of between 40-60 minutes (Schoepfs hit 70) followed by strides (10)