Week 10 (8/31-9/6)

Monday 8/31/09-kids met at Rosedale Rd.  Greenwhatever reserve. 13 minutes up followed by…  Guys ran 6 miles on the loop with a one mile kicker.  Doogie led the way with 37:20 (6:10 avg.) and 5:54.  Everyone else followed closely behind.  Caroline led the ladies (5+ 1 mile kicker) .  Mancuso and Schoefs hit a hilly 11.7 at around 6:15 pace followed by a one mile kicker (5:35 and a short cooldown for 13. Greatest day since I began coaching 9 years ago.  I mean that.  Lets stay with it and make history!!!!! 

Tuesday 9/1/09-kids at the high school and completed a structured recovery run.  15 minutes, stretch, 25 minutes, drills, 10 minutes strides.

Wednesday 9/2/09-MEET AT THE TOWPATH @ 3:00 PM. Scheduled long run. kids ran between 12-14.5 miles followed by 8 strides. Mancuso and Schoefs came back 2-3 minutes faster for a total tim eof 1:35 (6:33/ mi).  Good day.  Great weather.  Caroline orchestrated a huge water ice party extravaganza mango parade with Rita’s Water Ice..  It was WONDEROUS! Thank you Kellners!!!

Thursday 9/3/09-MEET AT THE HIGHSCHOOL AT 3:00 PM. Scheduled specificity.  40% of goal. Schoepfer and Nick met at the school earlier.  Schoepfs led the way in the am section with an even paced 5:57 for 5 laps followed by three miles of threshold work at 5:35/5:38/5:32.  Sam led the pm group with a 5:50 and miles of 5:35/5:5ish and 5:32.  pm Group ladies did the same 2k at goal pace followed by an easier 5k.  OK day- we have to continue to prepare for each daya nd to balance our hard efforts with clean living and appropriate  rest.  Just over 10 miles of work for the Varsity guys.  Between 300 and 500 reps in the xc room following the effort.

Friday 9/4/09-Meet at Witherspoon St.  Scheduled 18-20x 150 hill. Kids toughed it out together for the last hill day of 09!!! Wowsers! No one ever saw the evil hill lady after the first day- makes you wonder. Guys hit 3000m of hill sprints.  Pretty awesome!!!

Saturday 9/5/09-recovery day.  Guys hit a Conover Loop for 7.48 miles.  Girls hit a 10k loop.  Everyone hit a mile of madness and finished with some core work.  Great day!!! Great summer!!! We’re very proud of you!

Sunday 9/6/09-Run to reach mileage goals!!!